State of the Lions: Weekly Notebook | November 24th (Grey Cup Week)

BC Notebook

Not to say I told you so BUT…

I told you so. This BC Lions team is just way too good. They beat the Eskimos 40-23 and made it look easy. It could easily have been 50-13. Win or lose on Sunday, the players and their fans can be proud of a fantastic season.


Having said that…

To come this far and then lose the Grey Cup? In your brand new stadium? In front of a bunch of fans who rioted less than six months ago over a sporting loss?

There’s pressure all right.

The Blue Bombers beat the Lions in their only game this year, and also had an impressive win over Hamilton last weekend, holding them to a meagre three points.

Remember, that’s the same Hamilton team that put 42 on the Lions a month ago and broke their winning streak. So this is no walkover. Without further ado, the three keys to the game.

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Key to the Game #1 – Win the passing battle

Despite the Blue Bomber’s impressive win, they managed to score only 19 points (two touchdowns and two field goals, one failed 2 point conversion).

They’ll need more than that to beat the Lions. The Blue Bombers didn’t even have 200 yard passing in the game. Lulay had almost 300 yards, threw for two touchdowns, and scrambled to run in a third by himself.

The Bombers have to know that if Buck Pierce is badly outplayed by Lulay, their chances to win this game are thin. Of course, last time these two teams met Lulay was sacked SIX times.

So the Lions O-line knows they’re facing a formidable pass rush. They will need to play well to give Lulay a chance to work his magic.

Key to the Game #2 – Contain Garrett

The biggest concern that the Lions need to have? Chris Garrett.

BC Lions Angus Reid

Center Angus Reid and his Lions team-mates know they're facing a formidable pass rush and Blue Bombers team on Sunday!

One of the reasons that Pierce’s numbers were so low in the East Final is because Garrett was recieving a lot of carries, rushing for 190 yards and a touchdown. If he’s allowed to break free against the Lions, they could be in some serious trouble.

There will be lots of energy early in this game, a determined Lions defence needs to shut down the Blue Bomber’s best offensive weapon in the first quarter.

Key to the Game #3 – Drink in the Moment

The Lions season has been spectacular. There is no other way to put it. Most sports movies don’t have a script like this.

This season and this team will go down in the history books if they can pull it off, and they should remember that when they step on the field on Sunday. No doubt that Wally Buono has urged them to look at this as just another game, but the Lions need to realize this could be the biggest game of their lives. Lots of players will win a Grey Cup during their time in the CFL. To do it in this fashion? They should use that as motivation come game time on Sunday.

What’s more, after losing the Stanley Cup at home only six months ago, Vancouver fans are desperate to cheer for a winner who win in the final lap. It’s not the Stanley Cup, but the roars will still be loud on Sunday if the Lions can finish the final game.

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In the Community

Nothing here this week, all focus is on the big game. Should the Lions win, there will be a parade, and the community will celebrate with their champions.

Next Matchup

Lions vs. Blue Bombers. Sunday 6:30 PM PT. Don’t miss it!

Winnipeg at BC Lions
Nov 27-6:30 PM ET Record
WIN 11-8 (5-4 V)
BC 12-7 (7-3 H)
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