Five reasons to get to the Riders vs. Leo’s game Saturday

Just Do It!

With the CFL regular season dwindling down it’s time to get off the couch and catch your BC Lions in action in the greatest house in the league.

In addition to being a fan, here are Five Reasons to get your pride on and roar for the Lions at BC Place.

1.) Season of Celebrations

It’s been an amazing year for your BC Lions.  Starting with a Grey Cup ceremony in week one, Geroy Simon’s record in week two , Andrew Harris’s record and multiple Player of the Week nominations, this has been quite a memorable season.

Take time to stand up and salute your grid-iron warriors before they roll into the playoffs.  Plus check out the special half-time show.

2.) Full Roster Mode

In a game like this one, with no playoff seeding to be lost or gained by the Leo’s, you can be sure that anyone wearing an orange jersey will see some playing time.

Coach Mike Benevides will cycle through his full component of players so that everyone is fresh and ready to go on the 18th of November.  Partly to protect his starters, partly to showcase younger talent, Coach Bene will work over every scenario possible.

Also look for some gadgetry and highlight worthy trick plays as Offensive Co-ordinator Jacques Chapdelaine  might run every scheme in his playbook.

3.) Rider Fans

They’re fun, they’re passionate, smart, witty and often lubricated but no fan base travels better or is more nation-wide than Rider fans.  Most likely spotted wearing watermelons and sporting outdated jerseys adorned with homages to CFL legends past.

Roughriders vs. BC Lions

Five Reasons to get your pride on and roar for the Lions at BC Place

You will likely see a Lancaster, Jurasin, or Elgaard name bar draped across the iconic green and white uniform.  You’ll always know when the Roughies pay a visit to BC as all green body paint and cans of Pilsner beer will vanish from store shelves.

Having West rival Sasky stop by this late in the season will help fire up coaches, players, and fans alike.

4.) 200 Reasons to Cheer

He isn’t the biggest O-Lineman in the league but local hero and fan favourite Center Angus Reid just may be the best, and Saturday night will mark his 200th career game.  Reid is a vital piece in the offensive weapon as he makes all the line adjustments and is responsible for identifying opposing blitz schemes.

Able to read a defence as easily as a dinner menu, the Simon Fraser product’s best traits are making the players around him better and keeping his quarterback upright.

5.) The Felions

Sometimes the greatest action happens on the sidelines.  And sometimes these lovely young women outperform their brothers on the field.

The Felions take on more of a community role than the players, often making special appearances around the province at a wide variety of civic and charitable events.

Wonderfully choreographed, fashionably adorned, this dance squad is exactly the reason for bringing in the second largest stadium video-board in North America.

Not since Nadia Comaneci has there been this many 10’s in a Canadian building.

Only two Lions games remain this season at BC Place but only the Saskatchewan contest falls on a rollicking Saturday night.

The stadium will resemble an animated pumpkin patch as specks of green will be visible in a sea of orange with both fan bases losing their collective minds, cheering on the gladiators.

Rivals for 60 minutes but brothers after the match, nothing is more frenzied than when BC fans play host to the Roughriders.

Get out, get loud and roar you Lions, roar.

Cheers, The Bartender


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