BC Lions’ Aaron Hunt accuses Edmonton of foul play in opener at BC Place

BC DT says Eskimos played dirty

After a 33-24 win against the Eskimos on Friday, BC Lions‘ Aaron Hunt is taking aim at Edmonton’s offensive linemen, claiming that the Eskimos intentionally play dirty. Hunt says the O-line is instructed by coaches to go for face masks and family jewels, claiming to have heard this from Edmonton ex-players and witnessed it clearly on the field Friday night in Vancouver.


With 50,213 fans roaring over the retractable roof and impressive plays and touchdowns by Andrew Harris, you’d think no one else in BC Place noticed anything other than a heated fight for a playoff spot.

It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that Eskimos running back Jerome Messam was sent to the showers after getting in some Lions’ faces.

Messam knocked defensive back Tad Kornegay in the head, angered by a hit in the end zone from Lions linebacker Dante Marsh.

The Lions football club is apparently in agreement with Hunt’s accusations against the Eskimos, submitting a game tape to the Canadian Football League for review.

Aaron Hunt says Eskimos played dirty

Eskimos head coach Kavis Reed thinks Aaron Hunt should have kept his mouth shut, summing up his feelings on the allegations in an interview with the Edmonton Journal – “Just shut up and play football. Period.”

Since I wasn’t at the game to judge how dirty the Eskimos get down, my opinions aren’t really educated.

But I will say that having grown up playing rugby, this kind of comment probably won’t get Hunt anywhere.

You can complain about conduct on the field as much as you want – but when it comes down to it, whether someone ripped your hair out, stomped your face in or kicked you in the junk, intentionally or not, it doesn’t really matter unless the ref saw it and called it. Once the game is over, so is your chance to be heard.

Stay tuned for what the CFL has to say, if anything, in response to the Lions’ game tape submission.

The Lions are currently tied for first place in the West Division at 7-6 with the Eskimos and Calgary Stampeders.

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