Expect Exceptional: BC Lions Travis Lulay will win 2012 CFL MVP


An ambitious BC Lions prediction? Not in my eyes.

Let’s look at the facts:

FACT #1 – The past five MVP’s have all been quarterbacks. So have 9 of the last 10, the only exception being Geroy Simon in 2006 (who, it should be noted, was a BC Lion)

FACT #2Travis Lulay is the reigning MVP, the best quarterback in the CFL and a member of the reigning Grey Cup champions.

Any questions?

I know that I’m simplifying things a little bit, but the fact is that the BC Lions Lulay is the runaway favorite to win the 2012 MVP award.

Historically, the MVP almost always comes from one of the league’s top teams, and the Lions are certainly a good bet to win the West Division again.

Their team has improved with the addition of Lin-J Shell, a star defensive player who will help BC’s already suffocating defense.

They also have added Byron Parker and Stu Foord, a defensive talent and a solid running back who add more depth to an already impressive lineup.

Another pertinent question is, who can actually stop Lulay?

Travis Lulay

2012 MVP! An ambitious BC Lions prediction?

Any serious competition will have to come out of the shadows, or from a player leading a surprise team to playoff relevance. The traditionals probably can’t cut it this year.

Henry Burris? Calgary has some questions to answer, Burris is probably not in for an MVP caliber season.

Anthony Calvillo, as brilliant and timeless as he may seem, is getting old, and his team is aging around him. He’s still a star in the league, but he’s past his prime and not capable of putting up the number he once did.

Shockingly, Lulay has ANOTHER factor in his favor. Mike Benevides. There are those who would say that any quarterback could have been good with Buono running the show, but with a new head coach?

There is an expectation that there may be some struggles. When there are none, Lulay will look that much better.

And if Lulay can repeat as the MVP?

What does that mean for the improved Lions?

It doesn’t take a genius. Lulay won’t be the only repeat this season.


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