Arland Bruce making much ado about nothing

Former Lions WR out to lunch

I’m not really sure what Arland Bruce wants.

Maybe a heartfelt card, perhaps some flowers or one of those silver balloons with a “Good Luck” sticker on it. After all, everyone loves balloons.

Bruce popped off in the media recently and shared his frustrations about not receiving a phone call from Wally Buono, Mike Benevides or anyone involved with the BC Lions. He went so far to compare the way the Lions treated him with the way he used to treat ladies he dated when he was younger.

Let’s just hope Leo the Lion used some protection.

What Bruce doesn’t seem to realize is this is professional sports. Guys get cut or released at the drop of a hat and what happened to him is no different than what happens to many other players all the time in the CFL.

Like almost everything to do with professional sports, it came down to the almighty dollar. I was a Bruce fan, but the Lions needed to lock up quarterback Travis Lulay and Bruce was a guy the Lions could do without.

 If Buono was willing to let Geroy Simon walk, you better believe it shouldn’t have been a shock to Bruce.

He also shared how he never wanted to be dealt to the Lions. Of course, if you go back to 2011, you remember the complete bust of a Hamilton Ti-Cats team looking to do anything to unload Bruce and his salary. Bruce had solid numbers with the Lions in 2011 and was a key member of that Grey Cup winning team. But Bruce did benefit from playing with a stacked group of receivers and for one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

Bruce will be on the other side tonight vs. the Lions.

Bruce will be on the other side tonight vs. the Lions.

It was a deal that worked well for both sides.

He had another solid year last season, but his contributions just didn’t fit his salary and the Lions made the smart move to cut him – it was strictly business. And it’s not like the Lions released him days before free agency started – it was an entire month. Just three days later, Bruce was scooped up by the Montreal Alouettes and life moves on. He’s now the second go-to-guy on a mediocre team and all is right with the world.

For what it’s worth, Buono told the media that everything they’ve ever done with Bruce has been through his advisor, which makes perfect sense. Buono has cut hundreds of players in his career, so why should Bruce receive special treatment? Everything was followed to protocol, and Bruce made a big deal out of what was nothing more than a perceived slight.

Timing is Everything

It’s perfect timing too because coincidentally Bruce and the Al’s are taking on the Lions tonight in Montreal. It could be the perfect time for Buono to send Bruce a singing telegram, some chocolates or one of those annoying e-cards that never seem to load properly.

But what’ll probably happen is the Lions will stomp the Al’s, Bruce will get locked down by Dante Marsh and this will all be forgotten.

All that being said, don’t be surprised if you see Bruce clutching a balloon with tears of joy streaming down his face tomorrow – there’s a reason Buono has been happily married for so many year — the Italian Stallion can absolutely be a charmer.

And, of course, everyone loves balloons.


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