Superman has left the building…BC thanks you for the memories Geroy Simon!

Calculated move by Leo’s Wally Buono

It’s a day BC Lions fans knew was looming.  One day Geroy Simon would not be on the roster, but trading him to Saskatchewan has caught most of us by surprise.  Gone now are the days of the iconic pose in the end-zone and the years of dedicated service to the community, so before this article goes any further I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Simon.

Thank you.  For being the ideal professional athlete both on and off the field.  One that was committed to his team, his craft, and his surroundings.

A role model for all CFL players.

But, alas this is business and no-one pulls the trigger on CFL deals better than the Lions GM Wally Buono.  Casting aside prominent and feature players is not easy but Wally seems to be able to look past the person and visualize the results.

Jason Clermont, Buck Pierce, Jerome Messam, and Rob Murphy have all fallen victim to Buono’s pen-strokes (or lack thereof) and have been released or traded from BC.

History has proven that he has made the right decision more often than not.

So while we lump praise and admiration’s on Geroy, don’t forget about Wally and how he must feel at times like these.  One could argue that he had the club’s best interests in this situation.

 Geroy Simon

A role model for all CFL players.

He wasn’t about to hamstring the team’s future and cap space by re-signing a 38 year old receiver for QB dollars.

Hell, even Buono received assets in return.

This was a trade after all.

Let’s take a quick peek at what’s coming our way. In addition to a third round draft pick, the Leo’s also picked up WR Justin Harper, a 6’3” 215lb import receiver.

After playing at West Virginia, Harper was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens where he toiled on the practice roster for a couple of seasons.

His stats indicate he prefers the big play to the short yardage gains.

In college he averaged 16 yards a catch over a 50 game span.  As a pro in Saskatchewan he still averaged over 10 yards a catch.

Could be the deep threat BC needs.

Time will tell how this trade will play out in the end but for the circumstances involved I believe Buono played this masterfully. 

Like the Bobby Fisher of sports management, he always seems to know what the future will hold and how to play his opponents.  Even in this deal it looks like Wally exchanged his King for a Rook but may be calling “Check” in the future.

Well Played.

Cheers, The Bartender


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