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2012 NCAA football handicapping: Pac 12 football futures odds

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With all of the talk about the new four-team playoff system to be implemented in 2014, it is understandable if you are feeling quite overwhelmed by all the talk of the future. Alabama will do this, Ohio State will do that, so on and so on.

Well, here at NW Sports beat, we like to keep things real and in the near-future.

So, speaking of titles and championships, this article outlines the odds that were released of each team winning the Pac 12 and winning their respective Pac 12 division in 2012.

Pac 12 Football

Pac 12 Football Odds

To start off, here are the odds for every team to win their respective division:

2012 Odds from BOVADA / BODOG (Canadians)

North Division — Oregon (2/5), Washington (5/1), California (17/2), Stanford (10/1), Washington State (15/1), and Oregon State (22/1).

South Division — USC (1/6), Utah (10/1), Arizona (10/1), UCLA (15/1), Arizona State (18/1), Colorado (30/1).

And here are the odds for each Pac 12 team winning the Pac 12 Championship:

USC (5/8), Oregon (2/1), Washington (12/1), California (18/1), Stanford (25/1), Utah (35/1), Arizona (35/1), UCLA (40/1), Arizona State (50/1), Washington State (50/1), Oregon State (60/1), Colorado (100/1)

As can clearly be seen, USC is the favorite to win both the Pac 12 South as well as the Pac 12 Championship, with Oregon just trailing them.

Colorado, Oregon State, Washington State, and Arizona State are all projected to be bottom-feeders by the looks of these odds and should not expect too much out of this next season.

Being a northwest sports blog, let us now turn our attention to those teams that matter to us most: Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, and Washington State

Oregon Ducks

The Oregon Ducks are the favorite to win the Pac 12 North at 2/5, and sit right behind the USC Trojans in terms of claiming the Pac 12 at  2/1 odds that the Ducks accomplish this feat.

There should really be no surprise to these odds projections as they adhere fairly well to preseason team rankings, with the Ducks sitting just behind USC as well.

Oregon State Beavers

Not much is expected of the Oregon State Beavers this year, and the odds seem to reflect that fact as well. The Beavers are last in the Pac 12 North division with their projected odds resting at 22/1.

For the Pac 12 Championship, the Beavers are ahead of only the Colorado Buffaloes with odds of winning the championship at 60/1.

Washington Huskies

If there was any surprising team on this odds list, I would have to say it is the Washington Huskies. Although they return starter Keith Price and have a brighter outlook than they have had in previous years, it was a little surprising to see them at 5/1 odds to win the Pac 12 North and at 12/1 odds to win the Pac 12 Championship.

One of the more complicated teams to analyze and one of the teams not too many people are certain about, this year should be a thrill ride for the Husky faithful as they continue on their path to Pac 12 redemption.


The Huskies will be looking to spoil odds-makers.

Washington State Cougars

No big surprises here with the Washington State Cougars. Expected to be better than they were in 2011, the Cougars should play a few good games this year and show why they are back on the track towards becoming a legitimate Pac 12 threat.

That year, however, is not yet here.

The Cougars’ odds of winning the Pac 12 North are 15/1 and their odds for winning the Pac 12 Championship are 50/1.

Although these odds are quite early projections of what is to be an exciting Pac 12 season, expect actual trends to really reflect what these odds tell us. 

The Pac 12 has two dominant teams: USC and Oregon. Other than that, besides teams like Oregon State and Colorado, the rest of the Pac  12 is essentially open for a free-for-all brawl.

2012 is going to be one exciting year.

2012 Odds from BOVADA / BODOG (Canadians)


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