Vancouver spa offers $50 gift certificate to Stanley Cup rioters

“You didn’t pay for anything at the riots – why stop now?”

In one of the most asinine attempts to appear relevant, a Vancouver-based spa chain (that I won’t name in spite) is rewarding vandals involved in the Stanley Cup riot with a free manicure or massage. By showing their police arrest form, rioters can activate a $50 gift certificate to “de-stress” at several locations of said spa throughout the Lower Mainland.

“Suspects can finally come to terms with their conscience, while police can see justice done.

We think they need to learn how to calm down and relax, which fits perfectly with our spa offerings.”

Pampering groupthink? A prize for disrespect and idiocy?  

Vancouver Canucks Riot

A Vancouver spa is giving gift certificates to Stanley Cup rioters. What?!

What a slap in the face – to the business owners whose windows were smashed and property damaged, to the downtown employees who felt unsafe going to work on June 17th, to the innocent bystanders who were injured or terrified.

This company desperately needed some PR advice before diving blindly into the spotlight on a negative, emotional, international news story that has absolutely nothing to do with waxing or primping.

The worst part is, the company continues to defend itself even after a backlash on social media where the stunt was referred to as disgusting.

Because surely if losing your job or dignity is keeping you from confessing, having someone cut and polish your nails for free will change your mind.

“As long as we try to coax them into some confessions, that’s the whole point of the campaign.”

Since when do estheticians, RMTs or luxury business owners have an interest in criminal prosecution?

A blatant ploy for publicity like this only draws further embarrassment to Vancouver and our sore-loserness.

It’s still hard to believe the headlines that have appeared as a result of that horrid game 7 – even after four months, even dumb and irrelevant like this one.

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