Vancouver International Film Festival: Nash Documentary


Vancouver filmmakers Michael Hamilton and Corey Ogilvie team up as part of the production and direction crew for the upcoming NASH documentary.

It will be released this week as part of the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Hamilton, who specializes in sports documentaries has covered everything from the NBA and NHL to Olympic hopefuls, while Ogilvie opened eyes with his gritty “Streets of Plenty”.

While no stranger to the film world himself, as evident by his Meathawk productions and his most recent spot on ESPN’s 30 in 30 Terry Fox documentary, NASH opens up and answers questions about what makes him one of the most entertaining athletes on and off the court (or any sports surface for that matter).

It would be hard to find a sports fan that does not know the story of how Steve Nash came to be a global superstar, from his early days at St. Michaels University School, through his years at Santa Clara and then flip flopping between Phoenix and Dallas and Phoenix once again.

The funny thing about Victoria’s Steve Nash is that it appears almost by accident that he has become a global icon.

Steve Nash

Vancouver International Film Festival: Nash Documentary

You look as some players; Lebron, Kobe, Shaq to name a few, who in various ways seemed primed to make their name just as much off the court as they have done on the court.

On the flip side, not many thought that Nash would become a future HOF’er, who although the window shuts more and more as the years go by, still has an opportunity to grab that elusive championship ring, something that would set him apart from Jason Kidd and John Stockton, the two players his is compared to the most (defensive skills notwithstanding).

Little is known about what to expect from NASH, as other than the trailer, the filmmakers want to keep things under wraps as much as possible, “sort of like the Jay Z / Kanye West Watch The Throne album”, laughs Hamilton, when I referenced the two projects while sharing a phone conversation the other day, trying to get a feel for what the movie has to offer and a early screening of the flick.

What I do know about the film is that as with Nash’s diet nothing is sugar coated.

The commercials and videos that you see of Nash long boarding around the city, joining in a community soccer game or doing his best to keep the earth green is exactly who he is.

With a number of high profile athletes out there known more for their time in the court room than on the field, court or ice, it is inviting to know that NASH profiles an individual who is not untouchable, not unapproachable, someone who is just a regular guy.

He also just happens to be the greatest basketball player that Canada has ever produced, only he just doesn’t act like it.

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