Victoria BC’s Steve Nash goes Hollywood-signs with Lakers

Nash Returns To The West Coast

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from a friend, who said that he had two exciting things to share with me.  The first was that he was calling me back after two weeks of not answering my call.

I quickly interrupted and guessed that the second one was that the Amazing Spider-Man reboot movie was actually worth seeing, which he confirmed that it was.

As I have been away from my computer pretty much all day this week, my trolls through the information super highway have been delayed until later in the evening, but his second piece of news was something that could not wait.

The purpose of his call and the information that he provided me was the equivalent of seeing boobies for the first time or the first girl you kissed, the first time you drove a car, the first time you……

The Lakers Picked Up Steve Nash!




He was supposed to be torn between returning to Canadian soil to play for the Raptors or to his second home in New York City to once again team up with Amare and help the Knicks be the new super team in the East.

It was like an eargasm!

LAKERS/NASH…..that is the greatest combination since peanut butter and jelly, since Mary J Blige and Method Man, since, the Lakers and Ervin Johnson!

Immediately after I hung up the phone, I texted Q (the managing editor of NWSportsbeat) and said I have to have this one, and the series of ones after, leading up to the Lakers 2012/13 season.

Don’t fear Laker fans and BC and Northwest Hoops fans now jumping on the Lakers Bandwagon, I will be pushing Q to have my own special Lakers section this fall!

One season removed from being outted early in their playoff run, the Lakers in one swift move have put themselves back in the thick of the championship hunt, without having to part with any member of their current roster.

The Get

To acquire Nash, the Lakers sent two first round picks, two second round picks and $3 million to Phoenix.  Considering that the Lakers first round picks are often later in the deep in the draft (the last time they held a lottery pick was Andrew Bynum as the tenth pick in 2005), they weren’t really losing out on that much.

Kobe Bryant & Steve Nash

Picture Nash and Kobe running the transition…

Think about it, the window for two of the greatest players, ok one of the greatest and a very extremely great player to win a championship is about three years.  Kobe Bryant is 34 years old and  Nash is 38, with both entering their sixteenth season in the NBA.

While Nash’s game log does not have the mileage that Bryant’s does, his body is equally exhausted and on the same downside of their career.

Both are players that used to be the focal point of their respective teams and could carry them game in and game out and while they are still able to do so from time to time, the consistency in which these two are able to take over the game is not as prominent as in the past.

For the Lakers to once again rise to the top, the team needs a point guard who will not bow down to the ball demands of Kobe Bryant, one who realizes the strengths of two game impacting big men.

Immediately my mind began to contemplate the Lakers lineup.

Would they keep Bynum and Pau Gasol, or still try to trade for Dwight Howard?  Imagine a lineup of Bynum, Gasol, Metta World Piece, Kobe and Nash….ok, the odd one out is MWP, but we can deal with that.

Picture Nash and Gasol running the pick and roll, picture Nash and Kobe running the transition.  

If they could move Bynum and MWP for D12 and say Jason Richardson (hmm, ok, maybe not with the Nash/Richardson rumors) err, Hedo Turkoglu or Glen Davis, that would not only give the team one incredible starting lineup, but also some necessary depth off the bench.

Could you imagine how great it is to hear that a few weeks after the Lakers drafted a Canadian, Rob Sacre, that they have now inked a second Canadian, one who will instantly bring slightly altered memories of Showtime, with no look passes, transition game and ally-oop dunks to game impacting big men.


You have no idea how my facebook has blown up with all the Laker haters now jumping on the Purple and Gold bus with the addition of Nash.


You have no idea how much joy that brings to my face knowing that my wife loves Nash, but hates the Lakers and now she has no choice but to ride with the Laker Nation.


You have no idea how freakin exciting that news is to me.  If my employer is reading this, there is a good chance that when the Lakers travel to Portland, I will not be coming into work that day!


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