Social Media Report: Vancouver Sports Edition

Vancouver’s Athletes on Twitter

How do our favourite Canucks, Lions and Whitecaps shape up on social media?

I remember signing up for Twitter (against my will) a year ago while completing my PR post-grad at SFU in an effort to become more active on social media. I thought it was useless. Why would people care what I’m doing right now? Why do I care what you’re doing or thinking right now?

That’s what Facebook status updates are for, and even then, self-indulgent, attempted validation that your life is better than your friends’ doesn’t really appeal to me (“16 days until Hawaii!!!!” Awesome).

But after a couple months of using the micro-blogging site, I found that Twitter was becoming the easiest way to get the latest headlines as they happen, and for a news junkie like me, this was key. Now I keep my Twitter page open all day long, and I always know what’s going on.

BBC News just told me that rock legend REM just split up. Brutal.

The Best Vancouver Athletes On Twitter

Being able to see what’s trending, and following what sometimes-interesting people are saying and reading on Twitter has drastically changed the way we consume information.

Particularly in the sports realm, fans can now follow and communicate with teams, athletes, coaches, sports reporters, blogs and networks – opening up a whole new forum for entertaining banter.

Here’s a look at how some of Vancouver’s favourite athletes use Twitter to communicate:

Ryan Kesler, Vancouver Canucks Centre Forward (@Ryan_Kesler) – Most recently, Kesler uses Twitter to shoot it with Trevor Linden (@trevor_linden) and Kevin Bieksa (@kbieksa3), who he just recently convinced to join the Twittersphere.

He re-tweets swooning fans and gives updates on whatever he’s up to consistently. Decent.

Roberto Luongo, Vancouver Canucks Goalie (@1RobertoLuongo) – Sorry to say Luo, your tweets are pretty disappointing and infrequent, kind of like your goal tending and ability to make a save in the playoffs last season. Either you’re a reserved-tweeter or someone tweets the standard-issue for you once in a while. Dry.

Andrew Harris, BC Lions Running Back/Returner (@andrewharris33) – Serious Winnipeg Jets fan already trash talking the Canucks… but he tweets often, is positive, comedic and responsive, while uploading lots of photos. Worth a follow.

Dante Marsh, BC Lions Defensive Back (@dantemarsh) – Responds to and has discussions with fans, while putting out random hilarious tweets, some of which cannot be understood. Often thanks Jesus for waking him up in the morning and takes pictures of his cute kid.

Jay DeMerit, Vancouver Whitecaps Captain (@D6MERIT) – DeMerit is by far one of the best athlete tweeters I’ve followed. Always smart, relevant and opinionated commentary with tons of #hashtags and pictures. He tweets about his team’s news, whereabouts and initiatives – several times daily, always worth reading.

If this were a contest for best Vancouver athlete tweeter, DeMerit wins by far.

After going through this little Twitter analytic exercise and getting a general idea of what Vancouver’s athletes are like on social media, it’s evident once again that the difference between “them” and “us” is that everyone cares what they have to say, no matter what it is, while we’ve got to put a little more effort into it.

Either way, it’s nice to get a small fraction of an idea of what these guys are like, particularly the Twitter-savy bunch.

So I guess that’s @_CarolynSmith deciding that, after a year, I’m alright with Twitter.

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