Seven “Holy Sh*t!” Moments in Northwest sports history & 1 “Beastquake”

PNW Moments In Time

The North West has a long illustrious history of “Holy Sh*t” moments in throughout the pro and amateur sports world.

Have you ever just been sitting there and suddenly the ticker pops up with a ridiculous score or an out of nowhere trade?  Or maybe you have the game favorite on lock and the underdog comes out of nowhere to got the upset.

The results…yelling at the TV, various items being thrown, high fives and phone calls made, Facebook and Twitter blowing up.

Where were you when the following events went down?

Do you have a “Holy Sh*t” North West sports moment? (comment below)

1.  Ichiro heads to the Big Apple


Could Ichrio get his ring in NYC?

Just after lunch on Monday July 23rd, it was announced that Ichiro Suzuki was dealt to the NY Yankees for two pitching prospects, D.J. Mitchell and Danny Farquhar.

While the Japanese fielder had requested that the Seattle Mariners move him to the Yankees, due to the fact that the Mariners were once again and forever in the rebuilding stage with a younger lineup, the transaction surprised everyone, including Yankee leader, Derek Jeter;

“It’s been unexpected, sort of out of the blue,” Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter said. “That’s why you don’t ever listen to rumors. Getting someone like this is unbelievable.”

Not only did the trade surprise the entire Seattle Mariners fan base, but the fact that the M’s were slated to face the Bronx Bombers just hours after the ink dried, hit close to the heart.

As a fan favorite for over 11 years, a career that includes 10 Gold Gloves and two American League batting titles and an AL MVP, Ichiro received a minute long standing ovation during his first trip up to bat for the visiting team in the top of the third inning.

After acknowledging the crowd and showing his own respect by graciously bowing, Ichiro did what Mariners fans have loved about him since day one…he walked up to the plate, knocked a single beyond the reach of the fielders and then capped it off by stealing second shortly after.

Steve Nash Trade Rumors

This may be the greatest opportunity for Nash to finally get a well deserved championship ring

A story that was retold many times during his tenure with the Mariners and one that the Yankees now hope will lead them to yet another World Series ring and a well deserved first for Ichiro Suzuki.

2. Hollywood Nash

The only reason why this is number two is because the Ichiro move is fresher, but let it be known that Steve Nash becoming a Laker is THE BIGGEST off-season move that happened this summer (and yes, that does include the Dwight Howard transaction that just took place!).

Being a life long Lakers fan, having Canada’s finest basketball player running the point for the purple and gold is but a dream come true, regardless of what people say about Nash’s age and defensive liabilities.

Moving Nash along side of Kobe Bryant finally gives the Lakers a floor general that can and will take the ball out of Kobe’s hands, creating more of a team oriented offense, while at the same time, realizing that the “Mamba” needs to get his touches and will help conserve his energy.

While many are waiting to see how the Nash/Bryant duo work out, I believe that the person who will benefit from Nash the most will be Pau Gasol.  With his ability to run the pick and roll / pick and pop, pick and …, Gasol will return to be the impact player he was when he first came over from Memphis.

After two stints in Phoenix and his journey with the Mavericks, this may be the greatest opportunity for Nash to finally get a well deserved championship ring (and I use that only as a figure of speech, not that I believe that anyone deserves a championship) not only for himself, but for Canada.

3.  WWE Invades Safeco Field

Laugh all you want for the WWE being on this list, but when you talk “HOLY SH*t” moments in the North West, you cannot look past watching a 6’4″, near 300lb beast,  flip himself off of the top rope and fly over halfway across the ring.

While that was a feat in itself, the impact factor was that he did not complete the move, falling short and landing on his neck, instead of on his opponent.

In front of 55,000 fans at Wrestlemania 19,  Brock Lesner pulled out the “Shooting Star Press” a move that he had hit a number of times in the past, but this time, misjudging the distance.

Equally as impressive as pulling off the gravity defying move (though in this case it appears gravity won) was the fact that Lesnar managed to continue the match for two more minutes and lifted his opponent Kurt Angle into the F5, Lesnar’s finishing move for the 1,2,3.

4.  Goodbye Sonics, Goodbye Grizzlies

While one departure impacted the North West sports scene more than the other, leading to it’s own documentary “Sonicsgate“, the loss of both the Seattle Supersonics and the Vancouver Grizzlies took its toll on basketball fans along the 49th parallel.

The Sonics arguably were the face of Seattle pro sports for forty years, with such legendary names as Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, Nate McMillan, Jack Sikma and “Downtown” Fred Brown.

The Vancouver Grizzlies on the other hand were not even given a fair chance to succeed from the start before Commissioner Stern deemed them a failure and approved relocation to Memphis.

5.  The Golden Goal

Tied at two goals apiece after regulation, both sides of the border were on the edge of their respective seats as the gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics was on the line in a do or die moment.

Seven minutes and forty seconds into the overtime period, Sydney Crosby took the return feed on a give and go pass from Jerome Iginla to send the jam packed crowd at Rogers Arena, and the fans littering the streets of Vancouver and the entire hockey country into a frenzy.

6. The Lister Blister

Before Vince Carter teabagged Frederic Weis and before Blake Griffen made Timofey Mozgov a household name for all the wrong reasons, the “Reign Man” Shawn Kemp dominated the sports highlights with his magic carpet rides.

In Game 4 of the 1992 NBA Playoffs, the Sonics were battling the Golden State Warriors, a battle that would be forever highlighted by Kemp’s taking of Warriors forward Alton Lister’s soul.

Combined with legendary Sonics announcer Kevin Calabro and the “gotcha” point following the throwdown, it is definitely fitting of a place on this list.

7.  Cup Run

Be it the unexpected run of 1982,  the equally surprising seventh seeded run in 1994 or highly expected journey in 2012, the reaction to the Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup chase has been the same nonetheless.

Equally as expressive has been the reaction to the most recent failures in claiming Lord Stanley’s Cup, which has resulted in two infamous city riots.  

Should one day the Canucks find success in their quest for the holy grail, one can only imagine the reaction of a hockey crazed city.


The Seahawks Beastquake! Enough said.

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