New Seattle NBA & NHL arena update: Press conference recap

Build It & They Will Come!

At 2pm sharp today in Seattle Washington the number one question most sports fans in Seattle wanted to know was, “When is the NEW NBA & NHL arena being built in Seattle”.

They’re asking it because we know for certain that Chris Hansen’s Valiant Partners of San Francisco purchased a three acre piece of property south of Safeco Field, for $21 Million.

Why? To build an NBA and possibly NHL arena of course.

It was expected today that Seattle city officials would announce the framework of a new sports entertainment complex in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood.

Prior to the news conference getting underway it only took a quick surf over to King 5 to learn Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, King County Executive Dow Constantine, and hedge fund manager Chris Hansen were working to finish off a contract or term sheet.

Here’s what we learned at the News conference today.



And from Q sharing quotes via his @NWSportsBeat Twitter account: 


and here are some more tweets…

“Project means 100’s of millions of dollars of private investment. Arena will meet the needs of NHL”

“Means the Sonics can once again play in Seattle”

“Chris Hansen grew up here in Seattle. He’s presented to us a promising path to return NBA and NHL,  Hansen wanted to know if the City of Seattle was prepared to do the hard work to bring a team back.

The Proposal is to construct an arena in the SODO area that would accomadate NHL, NBA & Concert events, Existing taxes to be used toward the facility will only use revenue streams created by the building itself.

This is full partnership between the city and the county. A full partnership is required to make this work. We have a chance to do something special. Excited to bring the NBA back to King County, and City of Seattle.

“Project does NOT rely on NEW taxes, it would be self-funding,  IN any given year shortfalls would be covered by the teams. NO Public subsidies.

Seattle NHL & NBA Teams

Seattle Arena - Press Conference Recap

The Proposal is built with understanding of having both NBA and NHL teams in the facility.”

King County Executive Dow Constantine adds, “There will be no arena unless there’s an agreement to get a team here that will occupy it for a very long term.”

Brandon’s take so far:

This deal sounds so promising, I don’t think even the Seattle City Council could turn this down.

The ownership group promises NO public taxes and that the arena would be self-funded. The 30-year no relocation clause is just brilliant. It will avoid what happened when the Sonics left for Oklahoma City in a big way.

And the fact that City Council asked for some emergency funds to be stored away for any shortcomings and Chris Hansen stepped up and agreed is huge.

This will avoid the roadblock many Seattle ventures have faced.

We, as Seattle sports fans are giddy at the proposal that has been laid out.


So to recap! Plans are underway for a new self-funded NBA / NHL arena in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood, funded privately.

Comments are welcome below on the Arena topic. OR please check out our Seattle Arena open thread on our NWSB forums.

As a Canadian living 2 hours from Seattle I have to say that those of us NORTH of the Border want Seattle to have an NHL and NBA team as well. Let’s hope today is the start of some REAL progress in Seattle.

Here’s some reasons.

Listen to the press conference in its entirety right here at Sports Radio KJR.

Brandon Choate contributed to this report.

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  • I’m not a huge fan of the nba or the nhl but it is a good day for those that are. I’m glad I’m not in charge of scheduling in the sodo district that will be a nightmare.

  • NHL Team = Cheap Canuck tix and cheap booze


  • Hahahahaha Richard!! That’s one way of looking at it!! I am so incredibly excited about this proposed arena and the potential it brings to Seattle. More sports, more cash, more jobs. It will be nice to be an NBA fan again and finally understand hockey. 

  • NWSportsBeat

    don’t get me wrong. I love baseball. But come-on. Baseball is FAR tougher to figure out than hockey. #10000morestatsthanhockey

  • Knudsonron

    this would be cool for the northwest for sure….I live in Victoria B.C. and am old friend of Q the guy that runs this site…..hopefully this time this arena will be built properly with alot of luxury boxes on at least 2 different levels and that this arena seats at least 18,500…….if the KEY ARENA was done properly and not on the cheap then the SONICS would still be in Seattle today…..I am more excited about the chance of HOCKEY coming to Seattle and I think it can draw well especially with us HOCKEY CRAZY CANADIANS only 2 hours away and the Vancouver Canucks games Sold out all the time for many years now….and this new arena will also bring in more concerts to the Pacific Northwest as well……and for you Sonic fans to get a team back would be great for you……so if they can get this going …they have a chance to get a hockey team ….even though I actually wouild love to see Quebec City get a hockey team back too buit they are in the infant stages of getting a new arena built ….they just cleared abunch of land for it but however the  land is contaminated and needs a major clean up that could cost $40,000,000.oo that the city and planners  did not plan for …….and when this new arena in Seattle gets built    the can still use the KEY ARENA as a secondary major arena that seats between 15,000 to 18,000 and then they can PLEASE BLOW UP the old and I mean old Tacoma Dome…what a terrible venue    just embaressing.

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