Rational and Irrational Anger: Riley’s Rants and Raves

Ranting On Sports In General

This week, some things from the NHL and all over the sporting world that are driving me insane:

Sidney Crosby’s Elbow, and the reaction

For those of you who haven’t seen it, Crosby got pretty rough with Nick Foligno the other night.

The climax was an elbow to the face of Foligno, and as soon as he turned to hit Crosby, he was attacked by Kunitz. Crosby, you are the NHL’s golden boy.

If you start screwing around and hitting guys all the time, someone will take your head off, and ignite a bench clearing brawl. Keep the physical play down, you are only inviting disaster on yourself, your team and the NHL in general.

The Chris Paul fiasco

For those of you who don’t follow the NBA, Chris Paul is a big star who has been playing for a small market team (New Orleans Hornets) for most of his career.

David Stern

NBA Commissioner David Stern - Can you imagine if this guy ran the NHL?

His contract is up at the end of this year, and he isn’t going to re-sign, so his team is trying to trade him.

However, it gets complicated because the Hornets have NO OWNER, they are being managed by the NBA.

So when New Orleans GM tried to trade Paul to the Lakers in a three team deal that gave them a great package, the NBA blocked the trade!


Because all the small market owners who had a CONTROLLING INTEREST in the Hornets didn’t like another star leaving a small market for a big market.

Wow. What a precedent? Can you imagine if this happened in the NHL? What if Rick Nash was being traded to Chicago for a couple of mid level players, and the league vetoed it because other owners didn’t like the trade?


 Canucks Rant

Riley's Rant & Raves: Rational and Irrational Anger

This is idiocy at its finest.

Vancouver injuries

Volpatti and Booth are now both injured, Volpatti will miss the entire season and Booth will be out for at least four weeks.

The Canucks have had something like 231 injuries so far this season, and it’s definitely affecting the team.

Even though many of the injuries have been to minor players, the constant line-up changes make it difficult to find a groove. The Canucks have won eight of their last nine, hopefully that trend will continue regardless of injuries, but Hockey Gods, could we get a little help here?

Keep this team in decent condition for at least a month or so OK?

Canucks Goalie Controversy

I hate it, but I’ve run out of things to say about it. I just don’t know.

Too many rumors, too much stress, too much distraction.

What a mess.

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