Riley’s Canucks Rant & Raves: Rational and Irrational Anger

Off My Chest

This week, things that bother me about the Canucks, their fans, and the NHL in general.


ACTUALLY, this week I’m not really pissed about the Canucks at all. They’ve played well recently, so I’m going to focus on two other subjects.

Don Cherry and all the people who think he’s a hockey “expert”

I understand the appeal behind Don Cherry. He’s a rough, tough talking ex-NHL bruiser and successful (though controversial) head coach. I know he appeals to a portion of the NHL fan base, and the people who love him, love him a lot.

But there’s this sense that somehow Cherry KNOWS more about hockey than most commentators. That’s TOTAL CRAP.

Cherry played exactly ONE NHL game. He then had a good career as a coach, although he never won a Stanley Cup, and was involved in the infamous “six men on the ice” episode in the 1979 playoffs against Montreal. As a broadcaster, he is better known for his controversial statements than his insightful commentary.

The fact is, Cherry worships an old style of hockey and hockey player that doesn’t really exist anymore. We have new rules, new stars and a new way of playing. Not everyone likes it, but that’s the way it is.

When Cherry spouts off mocking the Canucks, Crosby, Ovechkin, the Russian Junior Team or ex-fighters who deliver insight into their career, he sounds ancient. He sounds old, mean, bitter and pissed off. And he sounds stupid.

The lockout represented a generational shift in hockey, and the new generation of stars all conform to this new, faster style of play.

Cherry doesn’t like it. Sorry to burst your bubble Don, but most young hockey fans don’t like you. In fact, judged by comments around the league the past few years, few players respect you either. Or all the crap you keep spewing. You should have retired years ago before you started making an ass of yourself.

Go away. Go into politics, where everyone is as angry as you. Go occupy the NHL head office in protest of all the rule changes. Go SOMEWHERE. But get off the air, and get out of our lives. It’s time for a new hockey voice, hopefully one that’s young and smart and full of excitement.

 Canucks Rant

Riley's Rant & Raves: Rational and Irrational Anger

And speaking of people who need to get lost…

Sean Avery. GO AWAY.

Damn it. I was so happy to hear he’d left. Avery is the worst kind of player in the NHL; he’s so bad that even Cherry dislikes him for his lack of respect and honor. Guys like this make hockey look like a sport for goons.

The Rangers brought him back because John Tortorella is the only coach in the league who will tolerate all of his crap. Why do the Rangers feel they need him? They’re a tough team, they have a great goalie and they have plenty of talent. They are ABSOLUTELY a playoff team and maybe even a top 4 team in their conference without him. All he brings is a ton of distractions and gives opposing teams that much more motivation.

Personally, I’m cheering for Webber, Chara, or another big defenseman to lift him out of his skates every game.

The biggest problem is, Avery gets so much media attention that he becomes a well-known hockey player, and therefore younger players look up to his style of play as a potential path to the NHL.

Avery doesn’t belong in this league. Someone do something about this. I don’t care who or how. I promise that however he leaves, whoever caused it will be applauded.    

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