Butts, Boobies and the Bible? Lingerie football league invades Abbotsford

All I Can Say Is W-E-L-C-O-M-E

Fans of the gridiron and garter belts will soon be able to combine both into one as the Lingerie Football League has officially announced that the Vancouver franchise will be nestling into the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sport Centre in the fall of 2012.

While the announcement has peaked interest, many have their heads in their hands, wondering exactly what the Lower Mainland has gotten itself into.

It’s been over a week since the announcement, and there are still people who are greatly opinionated about the decision to bring the franchise not only to Abbotsford, but the the existence of the league itself.  

From local university athletes and coaches to the management at Rogers Arena, who were not interested in hosting the newest member of BC’s professional sports franchises to people around the water cooler, the newest professional sports in BC has heads already spinning.

Many are offended by the promoted sexuality of the league and the apparent degradation of women.

However, many of these same people are ones who wear bikinis to the beach. Many of these same people fail to realize that women’s beach volleyball players wear the same if not less.

Many of these same people accept the overly unnecessary sensual grunts and groans from women’s tennis.

Many of these same people enjoy checking out Ryan Kesler’s ESPN The Body pictorial, or checking out the chiseled bodies that men’s sports have to offer.

If you go for an evening out, chances are you will find yourself being served at a restaurant, bar or club by someone who is showing some cleavage, leg and has spent more than twenty minutes making sure that their face and wardrobe will bring in as many tips as possible.

There is a good chance that the Felions wear something similar each time they take to the sidelines of the BC Lions games.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sexist and I don’t believe that people should be forced to degrade themselves in order to amuse and entertain others.


Lingerie Football League - Welcome to Abbotsford British Columbia

However, I am a believer in that just as some people have been graced with the talent and ability to be writers, doctors and educators, others have been graced with bodies that are a work of art.

None of the women who are participating in the Canadian or American LFL are being forced to don the skimpy attire that is at the centre of attention, spandex bras and panties/booty shorts, garter belts and shoulder/elbow/knee pads.

Most of the uniform covers up more of the body than what you would see at your local beach.

Many of the players in the current American LFL are former university athletes or current  players in a variety of other semi-pro womens football leagues scattered throughout the United States.

These semi-pro leagues, as similar with other sports, provide a place for women to chase or continue their dreams, but the pay to play hardly covers the bills.

Now, the placement of the “Vancouver” franchise, should be questioned just as much, if not more than the league itself.

Why Abbotsford?

While it is one of the fastest growing communities in BC, from a marketing standpoint it doesn’t make much sense when you consider the Vancouver nightlife.

A day at the beach, a bite to eat downtown, a LFL game, topped off by a night at the club would make one hell of a weekend night.  

Or, you could drive out to Abbotsford.  Home to many of Canada’s largest churches, the placement of the LFL has not been warmly welcomed by a large number of the community, though there is probably an equally large amount who are looking forward to it and just choosing to keep quite.

Oddly enough, the same community has hosted the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show for the past four years, and it was only due to an inability to secure a liquor licence that the 2012 show was cancelled.

Couldn’t we just combine the LFL and the Taboo Show together and call it a night?

Seems like a marketers dream.


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