Northwest 2012 NBA Draft Watch – Gonzaga’s Rob Sacre

Where will he land?

Rob Sacre has two things going for him that separates him from the other draft hopefuls this summer.  Only a select few possess both these traits and almost every NBA club looks for them during the offseason.

A true seven footer, Sacre will provide an inside presence in the paint and on the glass.  The other key ingredient…intensity. 

Throughout his tenure at Gonzaga, Sacre was the heart and soul that powered the Bulldogs through many tough battles, regardless of what the box score read at the end of the night.

While many draft boards have the North Vancouver native floating at the bottom of the second round, these following teams may be well advised to nab Sacre as part of their future.

1) Portland Trail Blazers

With a pair of picks in the second round as a result of moving Marcus Camby to the Houston Rockets and a previous deal with the Denver Nuggets.  The Portland Trail Blazers may be able to kill multiple birds with one stone by grabbing Sacre.  First, it would guarantee an increased fan base (not that it is needed), as Gonzaga fans and hoop fans from the Lower Mainland of BC will travel the I5 to catch a game.

A workhorse in the paint, Sacre will slide in to replace Joel Pryzbilla as the first big off the bench and can put the Hasheem Thabeet experiment to rest.  Assuming that the Blazers use one of the two first round picks on a big man (Andre Drummond or Tyler Zeller), their pillar in the paint could be set for the foreseeable future.

2) Orlando Magic

Rob Sacre, Gonzaga

Where will Sacre land in the 2012 NBA Draft?

All signs point to Dwight Howard wearing a new jersey (pun intended) next year, hich means that the Magic will need someone to help man the paint.  Assuming it will be a BIG for BIG deal, the need for a backup who is not a three point shooter (Ryan Anderson) or an undersized big (Glen Davis), is quite high on the Magic’s list of needs.

3) New Jersey (Brooklyn) Nets

If Brook Lopez remains with the Nets, they will need someone who can teach him that a true big man and seven footer with athletic skill should be able to average more than seven rebounds a season.  If D12 ends up being the man in the middle for the Nets, then he will need another big man to bang around with in practice.

Either way you look at it, chances are high that Big Rob can end up close in the neighbourhood of the Big Apple.

4) Golden State Warriors

Keeping Sacre on the West Coast, the Warriors would usher in the Andrew Bogut era with a quality young backup.  It would also allow the team to explore moving Andris Biedrins’ hefty contract.  Adding Sacre to the roster would be a wise move for a team that is in transition from a “run n’ gun” small ball game, to what is more of a traditional lineup.

5) Detroit Pistons

It seems like a bit of a stretch to see Sacre in a Pistons uniform for some reason and yet at the same time it makes a lot of sense.  First, it would reunite Austin Daye with his former Gonzaga running mate.

More effectively though it would give Greg Monroe a backup, as aging Ben Wallace is soon to retire.

When you look at current NBA rosters featuring Aaron Gray, Dan Gadzuric, Kwame Brown and Timofey Mozgov, there is no doubt a very high chance that you will soon see SACRE across the back of a jersey sometime next season.


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