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Literally the acronym NFL stands for Nation Football League but the letters N F L have been taking on a whole new meaning to me in recent years.

A few years ago it felt like they stood for the No Fun League after they put a damper on the celebration that players would perform after making a big play. Don’t get me wrong some of the stuff was ridiculous and quite frankly had no place in the game but when you start penalizing players like Rocky Bernard for walking away from a quarterback that he had just sacked and doing his “Sugar Bear Shake” you are going to far.

Now it feels like the National Flag League. If you look at a quarterback sideways you get flagged, if tackle a ball carrier without cushioning his fall you get a flag.

Personally I am getting fed up with it. I was okay with the Horse Collar until the owners votrd to expand the rule to extend it to the back of the players jerseys. But what is really irking me is the calls for hitting a defenseless receiver.

How do you even quantify that?

Calls for hitting a defenseless receiver? Cmon Man!

Even if you say you: could clearly state what it means and could clearly convey that to the officiating crew and they could call it consistently, why would you want to?

I am all for calling plays where the defender leads with the crown of the helmet or takes a clear cheap shot at a player’s head but short of that can we please let these guys do what they are paid to do?

I grew up watching one of the games best defensive backs. He had a Hall of Fame career and made a name for himself separating receivers from the ball and pounding people. He spent the majority of his career as a 49er and wore the number 42.

Do you know his name?

Better yet, if the current rules had been the same when he played would any of us?

Ronnie Lott is one of many great players who have played the game it was meant to be played. It is a violent sport played by the last of the gladiators.

Mr. Goodell I implore you and the powers that be to stop the push towards the National Flag (football) League and bring the NFL back to the game that I remember.

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