Tsk Tsk! Are Vancouverites wrapped up in the Canucks Cult?

Fans showing big support

Flashback to last summer:  front, back, sides and insides of public transit, billboards throughout the city, newspapers a plenty, news broadcasts on tv and radio, businesses and shops that had nothing to do with the sport of hockey, banks and high end places of employment promoting their employees to rock the Orca.

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Fans aplenty going near and far to don “authentic” Canucks jerseys, and least we forget the after party that plagued the city following game seven.

Since the Canucks playoff run last summer, the Vancouver Canadians captured their Northwest League Championship in September, playing 76 games in 79 nights prior to their playoff run, bringing the city their first professional baseball title since the Canadians won the AAA World Series in 1999 (before relocating to Sacramento).

Skip forward a few months and after a hideous start, the BC Lions are primed to make a home field appearance in the 99th Annual Grey Cup, after hosting the Western Division Championship game a week earlier.

What’s my point?

When was the last time you were wandering around Vancouver and saw anyone or any business promoting the Canadians success?  Hardly a whimper was made when for the first time in over a decade a baseball championship made its way onto the field of Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium.

Vancouver BC

Beautiful City + Lazy Sports Fans? Vancouverites wrapped up in Canucks Cult?

The BC Lions have made more appearances and captured more championships than the Canucks will ever see…..ok, yes some may argue that it is easier to reach the playoff rounds and the championship in the eight team CFL league and the shorter season is less taxing, but the fact is, a championship is a championship, is a championship…nonetheless.

Yet building banners and BC Lions office days fall under the category of slim and none when it comes to support from the city of Vancouver.

We are three weeks away from hosting the CFL championship and the city is minus any fanfare leading up to it.

Chances are, if the Lions are to be successful in capturing the Grey Cup at the end of the month, there will not be any big screen tv’s set up downtown.

“GO LIONS” posters will probably not hit the bus stops,  and the Province Sports section will not dedicate multiple pages to the triumphs or failures of Travis Lulay and Geroy Simon like they did Roberto Luongo and the Sedins.

Face it Vancouverites, despite the successes of the Lions, Canadians and at some point hopefully the Whitecaps, the sports circus in the Lower Mainland is nothing but a one trick pony, and the media will continue to remind us that “We Are All Canucks“, while the other sports franchises in the city gather up the sloppy seconds.

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    Can’t agree more the lions deserve so much more respect and it sucks getting the canucks shoved down our throats 24/7

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