2012 NBA trade rumors: The Suns’ Steve Nash relocation plan

Five New Homes For Steve Nash

For Canadian hoopfans, we have been treated to a once in a lifetime career, both on and off the court by one of the NBA‘s greatest success stories.

Two time MVP (despite the haters), 9 time All-Star and multi-time All NBA team member.  The one glaring omission from Steve Nash’s career is an NBA ring, or even the opportunity to play for one.

True to Nash’s nature, he has stated time and again his commitment to staying in Phoenix until the end of his career, but for fans of Kid Canada, we want better for him.

The unfortunate thing for Nash is that the Suns have waited a couple years too long in order to get fair value for one of the best point guards in the fifteen years of professional basketball.

Five Ideal Relocation Plans for Nash (these trades are done with helping both teams to some degree)

1. New York

 Reuniting with “Stat” and D’Antoni will instantly bring back memories of 7 seconds or less.  With an off season home in the Big Apple, Nash would fit perfectly with the Knicks, assuming LINsanity doesn’t continue.  The only downside would be on the defensive end, where Nash and Carmelo Anthony struggle.

But, if Nash can convince Melo to play team ball, then anything is possible.

Trade:  Shumpert, Fields and Chandler for Nash and Warrick

2. Portland

It’s about as Northwest as Nash could get and with only a 5hr drive, fans in Vancouver and Victoria wold have no problem booking a few long weekends to the Rose Garden.  Plus my fellow NWSB blogger Rick Stella already suggested the Blazers want Nash too in his column last week.

Picturing Nash in a Blazers uniform is not far fetched.  Ray Felton‘s production this season is not up to snuff and could be sent to the pin in favor of Jamal Crawford.

Nash would give the Blazers a veteran presence at the point and one capable of finding Wesley Matthews and JC spotting up behind the three, Gerald Wallace in transition and LaMarcus Aldridge off a high screen and roll.

Trade:  Felton, Camby and Batum for Nash, Gortat and Warrick

3. LA Lakers

Hear me out on this.  Yes, the Lakers are my squad and yes Nash is my Canadian homeboy, but this is more than a fantasy to see NASH on the back of a Lakers jersey.

No, it does not help the Lakers get younger at the point, but Nash has already proven that 38 years old, he is worlds better than Derek Fisher and that age is nothing but a number.

Showtime at Staples would once again make for must see TV!

Steve Nash Trade Rumors

Steve Nash is worlds better than Derek Fisher, and would look good in gold.

Trade:  Bynum, Blake and Barnes for Nash, Gortat and Dudley 

4. Toronto

Bringing Kid Canada back home!  While it isn’t Vancouver (Thanks Stu!) the hoop fans across the country will appreciate seeing Nash represent his country one more time (and silence the National team haters).

Not only would Nash bring success to a struggling franchise on the court, but he would have the Air Canada Centre jammed full on a nightly basis.

Sure the Raptors would be mortgaging their future, and Nash would be miles away from a ring, but at least he would be playing on Canadian soil.  For the maple leaf fans, that could be just as good.

With Bargnani and DeRozen, 7 seconds or less could be reborn, if only for a short time.

Trade:  Calderon and Kleiza for Nash

5. Orlando

Jameer Nelson and D12 may be boys, but Nelson has fallen flat for the Magic this season and a change of scenery may do him good.  Reuniting Nash with Jason Richardson could add a couple of years to the former Suns’ career, which also needs a pick me up.

Is Nash enough (get it, Vitamin Water…….Nash Enough???) to keep Dwight Howard in Disney World for the rest of his career?

Probably not, considering that Nash has about three years left.

You thought a pick and roll with Amare Stoudemire was crazy, just dreaming of Nash and Howard…..NASHTY!!!

Trade:  Neslon and Redick for Nash

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