Canucks are winning on sheer volition

Whoa there Canucks Nation!

Gear down, take a deep breath and let us reflect on this now complete three game, victory filled road trip.

Four wins in a row after going 3-4-2 to start the month of March and oh look, Alain Vigneault is tied with the legen-wait for it-dary Jack Adams in the all-time wins category.

Let’s not forget about how before the Vancouver Canucks became devastatingly riddled with injuries, they were outscored in the initial nine game stretch to begin March by a count of 27-24 and at this point only have a +2 goal differential on the regular season.

That’s the second lowest of all Western Conference teams currently in a playoff position.

If we extend the aforementioned stretch to February 24 when Vancouver played Detroit, the Canucks lost 8 of 11 games ending March 18th versus Minnesota. People were calling for Alain Vigneault’s head on a platter at that point including this guy (points to self). The funny thing is I still am.

If I may quote Abraham Lincoln here: “How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.” 

The Canucks didn’t win the last four games because of Alain Vigneault. They won in dire straits of their own volition. Sure, congratulations to Alain Vigneault. You earned it buddy. You’re on par with Jack freakin’ Adams.


The Canucks now have four wins in a row after going 3-4-2 to start the month.

Let’s get this straight, no team just wins four games after a prolonged slump with major injuries up front piling on each day and they certainly don’t win those games because their coach is doing something different because Vigneault isn’t doing anything different.

He’s still the lozenge sucking, cliché spewing, hilariously smirking Coach we’ve come to know and love since 2006.

Major kudos go to the players though for pulling together and playing more like a team than they have all year. Cory Schneider has buckled down as well, having potentially re-cemented his rightful spot as the Canucks #1 goaltender.

It’s pretty crazy how the team can win four games in a row, spanked with players in the press-box and yet have still gone on that terrible slump with most of the now injured players still in the lineup.

If anything, this is all a cue for optimism but the fact remains, Alain Vigneault, Rick Bowness, Newell Brown and Darryl Williams all need to go. You can’t just remove the king-pin in this situation because all four of them believe in the same system.

A new philosophy is needed in the dressing room if this team wants to win a Stanley Cup, which I may remind you is what we all want.

Volition will only take a team so far which one might argue is something that should take a team anywhere they want to go but nay!

The team shouldn’t have to rely on desperate volition when on paper, the skill and talent levels on this squad are through the roof. It was only until very recently that Jason Garrison was not on the point on the powerplay rather than Daniel Sedin, a prime example of Vigneault’s incompetence and that my friends, is reality.

The Canucks now fly home for a two-gamer against teams they should squash, apparently even with all the injuries. Those teams are Columbus and Colorado. Seriously, Columbus’ recent run is a mirage and they don’t just need water, they need a reality check too.

The Canucks will get their reality check soon enough because eventually Ryan Kesler, Zack Kassian, Steven Pinozzotto and oh yeah, Alex Edler will be back in the lineup and they’ll be facing tougher teams come the middle of April.

The question is: with Alain Vigneault more than likely not going anywhere until at least the end of this decent team’s coaching staff friendly shortened season, can their volition keep up with their enemies?


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