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You won’t find a more hockey-mad city in Western North America than Vancouver – and for good reason. After all, who wouldn’t go crazy for the NHL’s Canucks? It’s a great time to be a hockey fan in Vancouver, as the Canucks are fresh off the greatest season in their 40-year NHL history.

Vancouver Canucks

In 2010-11, they shattered franchise highs for wins with 54 and points with 117, capturing the Presidents’ Trophy as the team with the NHL’s top record. In Daniel Sedin, the Canucks also boasted the league scoring champion for the second straight year; Henrik Sedin won the title the season before. Vancouver missed out on the Stanley Cup by a single victory, falling to the Boston Bruins in seven games.

Established 1970
Play in Rogers Arena
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Headquartered in the Rogers Arena (Formerly General Motors Place) Prior to that they played in the Pacific Coliseum in Burnaby

Stadium Info

Rogers Arena (General Motors Place (1995–2010)
800 Griffiths Way,
British Columbia V6B 6G1, Canada
+1 604.899.7400

Popular Players Thru The Years

Orland Kurtenbach
Stan Smyl
Trevor Linden
Richard Brodeur
Roberto Luongo
Henrik Sedin
Daniel Sedin
Markus Naslund
Todd Bertuzzi
Thomas Gradin
Pavel Bure
Kirk McLean
Harold Snepts
Dave ‘Tiger’ Williams


Tom Scallen/Medicor Group: 1972
Frank Griffiths: 1974 to 1997
John McCaw Jr: 1997–2004
John McCaw Jr/ Anmoli Investment Group (Aquilini): 2006
Francesco Aquilini/Tom Gaglardi/Ryan Beedie: 2006 – Present

Vancouver Canucks Thru the Years

2010-11 wasn’t Vancouver’s first taste of success by any means. Many experts consider the Vancouver Canucks the greatest NHL franchise without a Stanley Cup. They’ve made a serious run to the Stanley Cup final during three separate eras.

In 1981-82, the Canucks were led by star scorer Stan Smyl and head coach Roger Nielson, losing to the New York Islanders dynasty in the Stanley Cup final. In an iconic incident, Neilson protested officiating during the 1982 Western Conference final by holding a white towel on the end of a hockey stick. The gesture signalled the birth of towel waving among NHL fans.

The Canucks fell short in the 1980s and came within a game of the Stanley Cup in 1994, losing to the Mark Messier-led New York Rangers in seven games. The early to mid-1990s Canucks teams are among the greatest in franchise history, featuring goal scorer Pavel Bure, a.k.a the Russian Rocket; goaltender Kirk MacLean; and longtime captain Trevor Linden.

The 2000s saw dominant Canuck teams led by the franchise’s all-time leading scorer, Markus Naslund, and Todd Bertuzzi.

The current incarnation of the Vancouver Canucks are built around identical twin brothers Daniel and Henrik Sedin, whom the team drafted back-to-back in 1999. With other franchise pillars like Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows and Roberto Luongo supporting them, hopes remain high in B.C.

Vancouver has gone through some dark times as a franchise – namely, Todd Bertuzzi’s controversial hit that ended Steve Moore’s playing career in 2004 and the looting that occurred in downtown Vancouver following the 2011 Stanley Cup defeat. But this team always rallies from adversity. We can expect many more great accomplishments from Canada’s best hockey team in the next decade.

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