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It’s Wednesday morning and Canucks fans are of course ________ about last night’s result. You fill in the blank and leave it in the comments section below!

Anyhow, while you’re sipping your morning java, HAVE A glance at all the Canucks blogs from recent days and nights.

I will say in advance, YOU’RE WELCOME.

For this morning’s links, myself on behalf of NWSB would like to first direct you to MINDCHECK.CA. was set up by the Canucks and other sponsors in memory of Rick Rypien and his desire to tell his story of depression.

Please check it out and make your pledge to not be silent.

NEXT, we would love if you read all the posts from the wonderful staff here at Northwest Sports Beat. We work hard…for you!

Oh and here’s the tweet of the night last night…from yours truly (I thought it was punny):


So WHAT ARE the NWSB Staff saying? <<< Click right there…come on…do it!

What Are The Local Guys Saying?


RobTheHockeyGuy – The Boston Bruins are Hypocrites – Another funny take on the shopped Jon Stewart video criticizing the B’s. By Rob…The Hockey Guy

Bob’s Blitz – Bieksa Attacked At Superskills – It’s everything you might think it be. – By Bob from Bob’s Blitz

Nucks Misconduct – Canucks Brunch: Tea for Timmy – What the hell was Tim Thomas thinking; honestly? By Kent Basky

Canucks Army – Schneider on Thomas Snub – Yup, more Bruins. Getting old yet? I don’t think it is. By Thomas Drance

Canucks Hockey Blog – Review and Preview JAN 23-29 – An In depth review…and preview of the week that was and the week to come. By Caylie King

Pass It To Bulis – Is This Salo’s Final Season – Some choice words at the Canucks Superskills event inspire this piece. By Harrison Mooney

Pass It To Bulis – Should COHO be on the 1st PP? – While it’s hard with the depth we have…of course I’m going to say YES! – By Daniel Wagner

Province Sports – Canucks and Salo Must Keep Focus – With Sami back in the lineup and 30-ish games to go, it’s gut check time. By Ben Kuzma

Vancouver Sun – Hodgson to be Good Play and Leader in the NHL – You gotta know by now there will be a Hodgson post in ever Java blog. By Iain Macintyre


 Vancouver Sun – Canucks Down Oil 3-2 in SO – Yes and it was a helluva finish. Lu clutch in the shootout. By Brad Ziemer

Province Sports – Canucks Eke 3-2 Shootout Victory – The difference should have been greater but it wasn’t. The Canucks won anyways. By Ben Kuzma

What Are The National Guys Saying?

The Globe and Mail – Changing of the (old) Guard at the NHL ASG – Youth is what you’ll find at All Star Games these days. By Eric Duhatschek

The Globe and Mail – Bertuzzi’s Side Adds Wrinkle to Lawsuit – Will this saga ever end? By Dave Shoalts

The National Post – Welcome To The Dark Side of Sports Fans – Have Canucks fans really entered that realm or do we remain followers of the Jedi ways? – By Cam Cole

Edmonton Journal – Canucks Refuse to Slam Thomas – Of course we do because we’re better than that. By Jim Matheson

Edmonton Journal – Oilers GM Tambellini Staying The Course on Rebuild – Former Canucks Assistant GM is doing very well in the “City of Champions.” Could he be in line for an extension? – By John Mackinnon

SENS.COM – ALL STAR CELEBRATIONS PREVIEW – What to expect in and around Ottawa this coming weekend. By staff

The Morning Java will be posted regularly Wednesday and Saturday mornings so check us out then to find some of the best local and national Canucks material on the web!   


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  • I love that Tambellini is getting extended, he’s done nothing. The team is bottoming out and he brings in Belanger, Hordichuk, and Eager. Meanwhile, Florida and Ottawa have re-built on the fly while Colorado is at least respectable. Yikes.

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