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We all love the Canucks right? But we all don’t have the time to go through the web to try to find the latest news and articles from the best writers on the planet.

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Here are some articles and links for the Canucks for Wednesday.

What are the NWSB guys saying!?


What are the local guys saying!?

Spitballin’ on returning Canucks, former Canucks, and players that, surprisingly, don’t hate the Canucks – as usual, one of Vancouver’s best sports blogs continues to deliver. Pass it to Bulis – Harrison Mooney

Rome is Burning Up the Scoresheet – I love all of the comments he makes in the article. He seems like a very down to earth kind of guy, and I couldn’t be happier to have him on the Canucks. NHLPA – Chris Lomon

Slapstick – I’m uncomfortable with the one point of view in the video where it looks like Burrows pulls at something before the gate falls open. That does look suspicous. But I’m on board with the author’s view that the Canucks are never given any benefit of the doubt. Canucks Army – Thomas Drance

When Raymond Returns – despite my rant nearly a month ago, David Booth has disappeared from the Vancouver media and the space usually reserved for Booth articles has instead featured Raymond. Canucks Army – Thomas Drance

The Noon Number: 41.3 – one of the best weekly stats pieces in the Vancouver blogosphere. Nucks Misconduct – Cam Charron

What are the National Guys Saying?!

Power Rankings – the Canucks still don’t do too well on these rankings, and its sad to see that the Bruins have finally beaten their way into the leagues rankings. I want to throw up. ESPN – Pierre Lebrun

Daily Debate: The legend and lore of Sidney Crosby – he is just so good. My favorite part of this article? His point per game average over the past 82 games has been a ridiculous 1.60. Guess who number two and three are in ppg? Daniel and Henrik, coming in with 1.30 and 1.22 respectively. ESPN – Pierre Lebrun and Craig Custance

The Morning Java will be posted regularly so check us out each morning to find some of the best local and national Canucks material on the web!    

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