Canadian opponents prove good medicine for the Canucks’ Sedins

Give Quebec City A Team too!

Just as Wayne Gretzky used to feast on the Canucks when he needed a point, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Edmonton Oilers have been a revitalizing tonic for the slumping Sedins (see Grampa Simpson’s concoction.


The twins had played well in fits over their previous three scoreless matches before Toronto’s cameo appearance in Van City but had nothing to show for it.

Then the Leafs rolled into town, like a suspiciously smooth snake oil salesman rumbling around the Old West, and Daniel and Henrik found out to their delight the medicine actually worked.

Each of them racked up four points against The Centre of the Universe’s hockey team, with four assists (what else?!) for Henrik Sedin, and a goal and three helpers for Daniel Sedin.

Sedins vs. Maple Leafs

Then the Leafs rolled into town

Subsequently, the Canucks embarked on their latest road trip tonight, first stop at the capital of Alberta, to find an overly hospitable Oilers group that coughed up a 5-2 gift to the Canucks with a goal and an assist each for the Swedish brothers.

“Edmonton: the medicine that is always good for what ails ya”.

The renewed vigor of the Sedins has been sorely needed, because when they are flying around the rink, as in the manner of these past couple of games, it opens up so much ice for the rest of the team, allowing the second and third lines to pick off the weaker defensive pairs.

The timing for this boost in confidence also couldn’t be better with tough conference battles coming up this week against Nashville and Detroit.

There has been a great deal of wailing lately over the manner of the Canucks wins since the turn of the year, an (almost) slump that is likely envied by 75% of the league, but hopefully this latest home grown medicinal cure for Hank & Dank has done the trick for the entire team.


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  • My favourite line from the weekend was that the last the last time the Leafs won in Vancouver, Brian Burke was the GM at GM Place. We all should have seen this coming, if only I had the stones to put some money down on the Canucks.

  • There are two certainties in Vancouver every year: The Canucks will win the Northwest and beat the Leafs.  

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