ICYMI…Sharks up 3-0 and Canucks are reeling

Game 3 Love ‘Em and Hate ‘Em

Hello Canuck fans. I have something tragic and not that shocking to tell you. Barring the most miracle of miracle comebacks, 2013 will be just another year where the Canucks don’t win the cup.

The problem is that, if 2012 was supposed to be an aberration and the Canucks were still the team that won 15 playoff games in 2011, then 2013 is the year you remembered that line was essentially what Calgary and Edmonton were saying the year after their cup runs.

For the third straight year, it’s going to be another long summer with some very tough questions.

Love ‘Em

We’re going to move on

The Roberto Luongo/Sedin/AV era has been here for awhile. It carries with it the emotional baggage of those series against Chicago and that one against Boston. Perhaps a new direction, a new chapter, is the reset this team needs.

The series is all but over, Canuck fans. (AP/The Province)

The series is all but over, Canuck fans. (AP/The Province)

If this was Hollywood, they would reboot the franchise with younger talent and pretend the previous incarnations never existed. At least a loss this embarrassing can spark those changes so the team, again, doesn’t slide into Calgary territory and watch their window bleed out for years and years.

It’s not as bad as it looks

There is talent here and there are opportunities to fix whatever is holding it back. Trade Luongo for assets and hopefully some cap space that can buy a winger or two and let Mike Gillis bring in a new coach. It isn’t necessary to throw a grenade into the middle of the roster, but there’s a lot of half-finished plans and ideas that are holding this team back. Fix the goaltending situation, shuffle the coaching staff, and hope Kassian is ready to break out.

The weather is really nice out

No really, it is. So get out there and enjoy it.

Hate ‘Em

The song remains the same

I wish I could say this has all been surprising. The problems that have sunk the Canucks are the same that have persisted since the Luongo trade really. Playoff meltdowns and scoring droughts and body language and everything that we’ve seen over and over and never gets fixed outside of outlier games like the one against Chicago a few weeks back.

It’s Stockholm Syndrome. It’s a boyfriend that you keep coming back to that never changes.

There’s a jaded apathy brewing in this town that could put the Canucks sellout streak in jeopardy. Why would you pay hundreds of dollars to watch this?


One year ago, Schneider replaced Luongo in net against LA after the Canucks fell behind the series despite the fact that Luongo was playing better than the eighteen skaters in front of him. This year it happened again and there’s still no clear consensus on just who the starter is, a distraction and misuse of cap space that certainly did the Canucks few favours this year.

It needs to get resolved.

A year of Corrado

Meanwhile, Keith Ballard is scratched in favour of rookie Frankie Corrado, officially burning a year of Corrado’s ELC.

Seems like poor asset management compounded by a coach in desperation mode to save his job. But as AV dropped last night post-game “It is what it is.”

It is what it is.


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