ICYMI Canucks fall to Sharks in shootout period

A Point Earned

It didn’t end exactly the way the Canucks wanted, but last night’s affair with the San Jose Sharks was a memorable display of hockey.

The teams traded scoring chances in a high-octane game that left little between the two clubs. It was one of those games where a tie would be well deserved for both, but the modern era of hockey dictates a winner and a loser now and in the context of the shootout, the Canucks “lost”.

Frustrating perhaps for the Canucks, who need a win in the worst way, but the separation in the West is, and will continue to be, razor-thin this shortened season.

It’s going to make for exciting playoff hockey, but probably also take years off your life.

Love ‘Em

1. Don’t get between a Honey Badger and his cubs

New theory: Before the games against Calgary and San Jose, Alain Vigneault is telling Jannik Hansen that the opposition has kidnapped his kids, leading him to go all Liam Neeson in Taken.

2. Second line centre Mason Raymond?

The Raymond resurrection tour plods along as Macy is, perhaps surprisingly, taking very well to his new role as second line centre. He’s beginning to harness his raw power like Harry Potter, leading me to believe he’s the one behind Hansen and Alex Burrows‘ new magic wand shootout trick.

3. Barker saves game-winning marker

Cam Barker proved his worth when he robbed Ryane Clowe with just under three minutes left by blocking the puck from getting in the wide open net.

Cory Schneider was getting across to potentially make the save, but thank god Barker made sure he didn’t have to.

Sharks vs. Canucks

The Canucks couldn’t hold back the Sharks in the shootout period.

Cam Barker earned the Canucks a point last night, chew on that.Hate ‘Em

1. Em-Burished

After allowing Scott Gomez of all people to open the scoring, Schneider whiffed on an Adam Burish shorthanded slapshot to open the second. It wasn’t pretty, but to his credit Schneider bounced back and shut the door from there on in.

Still, it’s easy to imagine those are the types of goal Schneider was talking about last week when he said he had to be better and making the critical saves.

2. Powerplay problems

The man advantage looks pretty at times passing the puck around, especially in overtime, but they’re failing at the ultimate goal of putting the puck in the net.

In a tight game like this, it’s easy to see the difference a powerplay goal can make. 0-15 isn’t pretty.

Hopefully Ryan Kesler can give them a boost when he finally returns and before he injures himself again.

3. Paging Max Lapierre

Mr. Lapierre please pick up the white courtesy phone because you’ve been MIA for quite some time now.

At a time when the Canucks centre depth is stretched, and Hodgson is scoring goals like this, now is not the time to disappear.


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