Game 64 Canucks vs. Coyotes: This Roller Coaster Is Coming to a Halt

Please Keep Your Hands Inside at all Times

The distractions of the NHL Trade Deadline are a thing of the past.

Or are they?

I can’t imagine judging by the way Cody Hodgson reacted via phone on TSN’s Tradecentre that this will be taken any easier by his former team-mates.

Now they have to play the 6th and final game of a road trip against Phoenix; a team that looks very much like it will finish in 3rdplace atop the Pacific Division.

shane doan yotes canucks

Shane Doan is looking to lead his team to the Promised Land...or out of Phoenix

The Coyotes are 9-0-1 in their last ten believe it or not while the floundering Sharks who sit 2nd in the Pacific Division are 3-6-1 in that same span.

So long story short, the NHL leading Canucks cannot take the Yotes lightly; but they probably will.

Maybe a day out in Phoenix isn’t what the Canucks need right now. Nope; no sites to see. They’d all be complaining all day; “Where’s Cody?” “We miss Cody.”

The best thing to do really is to have a hard practice and then take it to the Coyotes Tuesday evening.

What are some the keys to winning? Here; let me tell you; I’m nice like that.


I just touched on this. Maybe I am making too much of it but it is a legitimate possibility that the Canucks could be distracted by the lack of Cody from the roster on Tuesday.

These guys are like a family.

One thing that could help them out more this time around than usual is a fast start. If they can bottle up that emotion, assuming it’s there; they can go out and score a couple quick goals and in a way, be done with it.

Then they can release it all and maybe that triggers a few more scoring opportunities to be capitalized on.

We’ll see; these guys are professionals, men and they know it’s a business.


While Zack Kassian and Sami Pahlsson may make their debuts vs. Phoenix, this could be of concern for chemistry.

Alain Vigneault mixes it up enough as it is but now they’re playing minus one key cog and plus two more new cogs.

Chemistry probably will be an issue to start and against a team that’s 9-0-1 in its last ten, that’s scary.

Not that the Canucks gave never come from behind in a game to win, but that on top of all the emotions running high and the fact they got beat after leading going into the 3rd in their last game may spell loss Tuesday.

A Long Winding Road

As mentioned, this is the final game of a 6 game road trip.

On this trip, we’ve seen a blowout win, a drowsy loss, which was followed up by a huge win in Detroit and again followed up by a drowsy game; this time a victory. Focus then shifted to Dallas where the team led late, but lost in Overtime.

canucks yotes

Captain Hank aims to down the desert dogs

The team has been through a roller coaster of emotions not only off the ice with trade that went down but on the ice as well.

I’m not so sure they will be able to muster up a win versus a team that I will mention again has 9 wins in their last 10 games. Everything is clicking for the Coyotes right now as they’ve scored 14 goals in their last 4 games.

They’re hot and at the right time.

Can the Canucks bite back against the Desert Dogs?

Best Bet to Win: Phoenix

We’ll find out Tuesday night as Puck Drop is at 6PM on Sportsnet Pacific and TEAM1040 Radio


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  • please don’t let this be a first-round preview please please please

    • It very well could and could not be, but I think it’s more likely we see these guys in the 2nd or 3rd round than the 1st. I don’t think they’d make it out of the 2nd round, no matter who they play but looks like they will take the pacific unless san jose turns it around really soon

    • and do you not want it because theyd be difficult or because itd be boring

      •  Boring. I appreciate the miracles Tippett is working in the desert but that doesn’t mean I have to watch it.

  • Starcraftsquall

    This wouldn’t be a first round preview if Phoenix wins the West. I see normal chance that the Canucks fall out of at least the #2 seed in the West, do you? 🙂

    • Well first of all, Canucks are in 1st in the West (and the NHL_), not 2nd. 

      Next, the Canucks are ahead of Phoenix by 14 points and Detroit is ahead by 12. With less than 20 games to go, I say there is no hope in hell for Phoenix to place 1st in the West; especially given how fantastic Vancouver and Detroit are.

      They’d have to lose just about every game for Phoenix to have any chance to win the West. 

      Phoenix will likely win the pacific division, and face the 6th seed.

  • I smell a #Canucks upset.

  • Can you imagine Dave Tippet’s solution for shutting down the Sedins over an entire seven game series? An entire team trapping opposite a shutdown line featuring Manny Malhotra AND Samuel Pahlsson? The hockey gods couldn’t be so cruel. 

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