Game 62 Canucks vs. Devils: Oh the Sites We Can See (Part Three)

Dance With the Devils

The Vancouver Canucks dealt the Detroit Red Wings a big, fat punch to the face Thursday night, so it’s rather fitting that their next destination is New Jersey.

Jannik Hansen Devils

The Danish Delight Defeats the Devil

Don’t tell me you didn’t see one or a couple Jersey Shore jokes coming.

So assuming the Canucks hopped on a black eye flight immediately following the game, they should get to Newark Airport around midnight. The flight is only 1 hour and 45 minutes; just FYI.

Puck drop is at 7PM New Jersey time so that leaves the boys in blue and green a nice morning and afternoon to explore the Jersey Shore.

What can they see and what would benefit them the most?

I will tell you!

A Dip of Religion

Now I’m no preacher but I think David Booth has some praying to do. He can do it for himself but also on behalf of the team, which is why the team will spend a short amount of time early Friday at Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Hell, I don’t even know if it’s the right type of church for Boothy, but I’m sure it would still help.

Booth of course needs to repent for not showing up in Detroit in front of his friends and family. He could have maybe tried a little harder in the shootout.

In a prayer on behalf of the team, he will ask for Martin Brodeur to not be a real pain in the side of the Canucks Friday. Brodeur is 8-1-1 in his last 10 games and playing a team called the Devils is rather un-nerving.


PS. Booth played pretty well in D-Town so maybe just a prayer for good luck; I don’t know.

Home On the Road?

I think I see a trend here. That Canucks keep winning on the road because there is always a taste of home where they go.

In Edmonton, it was Steve Tambellini. In Nashville, they lost. In Detroit, it was the nearby homes of Ryan Kesler and David Booth. In New Jersey, it’s the Newark Museum.


Well while the Newark Museum boasts 80 galleries of art from all over the world and is the largest museum in New Jersey, there is one part of it that speaks to the Canucks, BC and Canada.

That is the Victoria Ballantine House which was built in 1885 for Jeannette and John Holme Ballantine of the celebrated Newark beer-brewing family.

Victoria (capital of BC) + Beer = Good vibrations.

The team can spend an hour or two there, enjoy a nice picnic offered by the museum and prepare mentally for a tough game coming off a huge win in the Motor City.

Oh and expect a big night from Manny Malhotra because that house I spoke of has 27 rooms. Just sayin’.

A Little More Fun

As mentioned, the game is not until 7PM local time so I think since it’s only about 1 o’clock at this point, the team makes the 1 hour bus to Hamilton, New Jersey for Laser Tag at Kids Towne, USA.

Just picture Alex Edler strapping on this robot like vest with a big laser gun and saying Hasta La Vista Baby!

The key to winning on a long road trip is having fun. Yes, it’s very tiring obviously but without any fun, you just get restless and stagnant. Those things are not good things to be.

The Devils are in 4th place after all so this isn’t going to be some cakewalk through the Prudential Center. Maybe some war like, high pressure scenarios brought to them by laser tag will do them well.


So the Canucks head to Prudential Center for their date with the Devils and presumably; hopefully; willingly; win the game.

They then don’t play again until noon Sunday versus the Stars so how about a night out on the town?

Luongo Shore

It’s too bad Kyle Wellwood isn’t still on this team because he would make the perfect Snooki.

canucks situation

The Canucks are in a great Situation

Now don’t get me wrong; I am no Jersey Shore fan but I know for a fact that Roberto Luongo and his greasy jheri curls are.

So why not hit up the hottest night club and apparently one that the “cast” of the Jersey Shore went to at some point, Space Night Club?!

Just party it up until the break of dawn, hop on a flight to Texas, sleep at 37000 feet, and rest up Saturday evening for the nooner Sunday.

It wouldn’t be that bad of a situation.

Dale Weise can spend the night trying to pick up women and Roberto can pretend he’s right at home. Badda Boom, Badda Bing; taste of home; victory on Sunday; Fuhgeddabouddit!

Puck Drop is at 4PM Pacific on Sportsnet Pacific and TEAM1040 Radio.

To see where the Canucks went and what they did in Nashville that obviously didn’t work, check it out here: Oh The Sites We Can See (Part Un)

To see what the Canucks did in the epic city of Detroit since I’m sure you’ll never actually go there, check it out here: Oh The Sites We Can See (Part Deux)


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  • I saw a tweet from @vancanucks:twitter that the team was stuck in detroit due to snow and couldn’t take off. And this was probably 22:00 our time….
    So I would expect the boys to be pretty tired.

  • I really wish I had read that before calling 4-2 Canucks the final. If they have the energy I think Vancouver can snap another streak tonight, the Devils haven’t exactly played the toughest competition in the league over their four-game winning streak. 

  • I can see them winning this one. They said after the game last night that the 3rd line all played something like less than 14 minutes the entire game. I expect a win.

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