Game 61 Canucks Vs. Red Wings: Oh the Sites We Can See (Part Deux)

Motor City Revved Up

Good afternoon, my name is Josh and I will be your tour guide through Detroit and surrounding areas. There may be a day-trip or two involved and you just might learn something.

Canucks Red Wings Tour Company

The Bus leaves at 8am SHARP!

Oh the sites we will see today.

Here’s a little bit of a background on your game Thursday.

You guys (Canucks) will be playing at the Joe Louis Arena Thursday night. The Joe, as it’s called was completed in 1979 and cost a total $57 Million. The arena is named after former Heavyweight Boxing Champ Joe Louis.

If you didn’t know this already, the Red Wings have won 22 straight home games so you will be fairly hard pressed to come away with two points but hey, at least Pavel Datsyuk is out right?

My point being that we’ll know why you won if you win.

Anyhow, here’s the itinerary and why we’ll be visiting each place. Keep in mind I want to help you out so all the locations we visit will be to your benefit.

What’s Driving the Canucks

If Sidney Crosby is a Ferrari, then Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin are a couple of Ford Mustangs who are the key cogs to this team. This is why they will all be spending a few hours at the Henry Ford Museum learning about the history of Ford automobiles.

While the Twins had a great weekend earning six points each, they disappeared in Nashville, just like they did last May in the playoffs.

This is unacceptable.

Perhaps a look inside themselves at the Henry Ford Museum would be beneficial.

Lunch Trip to Livonia

What’s a better defense to Detroit’s incredible offense at home than some of their own home-cookin’?

Canucks Red Wings Daniel Sedin

Could Mrs. Kesler's cooking help Danny get back on the scoresheet?

The team will visit the home of Ryan Kesler in Livonia, Michigan, a 24 minute drive from Downtown Detroit.

Mrs. Kesler has agreed to provide lunch. Of course we pitched in a bit to help out. There’s a lot of food to go around for 23 guys.

The visit will allow for some rest and relaxation as well as just re-connecting with family. Specifically, Ryan Kesler will benefit because he hasn’t been the same the last week or so after scoring 7 points in 7 games.

The rest of the guys can bond and bask in the home that housed an Olympian.

Tour of Comerica Park

This will be an opportunity to relish a building which is home to the Detroit Tigers who’ve won four World Series Titles.

In addition, the Tigers recently acquired some royalty in the form of Prince Fielder. If the Canucks are to become the Kings of the West (not LA) this season, a victory against Detroit Thursday will go a long way.

Meesa thinks Mr. Fielder could teach the Canucks a little bit about hittin’ for the fences each and every game.

Also see: “60 minute effort”

The Animals are Calling

That’s right, they’re going to the zoo; the Detroit Zoological Park that is. The 20 minute bus ride to the park in Royal Oak will be enough time for Dale Weise to brag about his most recent goal on twi…oh wait.

Anyhow, once they get to the zoo, they can ‘rome’ around and see the buffalo and then maybe have some fun in the photo ‘booth.’

Although after all the fun and games, there will be a pow-wow and meditation session in the aviary. It will be in the aviary so they can know what it’s like to be watched overhead by winged ones.

During said pow-wow and meditation, the Canucks will focus their minds on their own animal counterparts. Alex Edler the Eagle; Cody Hodgson the Chinook; Jannik Hansen the Honey Badger will all focus on what it’s going to take to win Thursday because it’s going to need to be special. (Click that honey badger link; you will not be disappointed.)

While sitting in the large circle, each one of the guys will envision their patronuses coming out of them Harry Potter style and going upwards into the faces of the eagles and hawks (not black) looking down upon them.

Some Good Eats

Last, but certainly not least, the team will enjoy dinner at the Wolfgang Puck Grille at the MGM Grand Casino.

Wolfgang Puck Canucks Wings

The Award winning Chef will be serving up some Wings

Aside from the obvious hockey connection with Wolfgang’s name, look what’s on the menu; Garlic and Chili Glazed Chicken Wings.

Chowing down on some of those will make the Canucks hot going into Thursday night’s tilt and not to mention, they are eating wings; just the proverbial thing they need to be eating before playing a team of the same name.

Obviously they will be at a casino so why not hit the slots or poker tables and try their chances just like Mike Gillis may be doing later this week with the trade deadline looming.

BEST BET TO WIN: This one is way too close to call, but as true Canucks fans say: BELIEVE!

Puck drop is at 4:30 on Sportsnet Pacific and Team1040 Radio.

To see where the Canucks went and what they did in Nashville that obviously didn’t work, check it out here: Oh The Site We Can See (Part Un)


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  • Is the Detroit Tourism Bureau paying you under the table?

    Thankfully Pavel Datsyuk is out but so is Byron Bitz, so you know, it’s a wash.

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