Game 34: The Vancouver Canucks Order Up Some Red Wings


Wednesday night, the two teams who faced off in the Western Conference Final last season will renew their.  Oh wait, I’m getting a telegraph here.


Apparently, the Vancouver Canucks played the Sharks in the WCF.

Well this is awkward.

I don’t know how I could make this mistake. Maybe it’s just because San Jose hardly put up a fight for not only the 5 games against Vancouver, but the last 9 games they played in last season’s playoffs.

But I digress.

Yes, the Canucks take on the Wings Wednesday evening and I can see the post-game headline already:

“Sweet & Savoury; Canucks Devour Wings.” I just thought of a really good dinner idea. Score!

Anyhow, here are my FIIIVE GOOOLDEN KEEEYS…to the game. (It’s too bad that’s a shtick that is season specific.)

Numero Uno: Home-Ice Advantage

Red Wings

Game 34: The Vancouver Canucks Order Up Some Wings

The Canucks, as usual, have an above average record at home, that being 9-4-1. No doubt the crowd could play a factor, especially with this being only the 2nd game back after a long road trip.

The Wings away record is 8-8-0 so you don’t really know what to expect from them. Hopefully they have no octopi up their sleeves…because you know, that would be really slimy.

Numero Deux: Roberto Luongo

I know the coaching staff is doing this Game Day Christmas sorta jig where we get to open the who’s in net present each morning, but I am pretty sure, that if I were a betting man, and for the sake of argument I am, that Luongo will get the start. Believe it or not, Lu has only lost twice in 14 games since returning from injury.

Elite goalie?

I think so.

In the past 7 games, he is 6-0-1 with a GAA below 1.50. Astounding for a man we all wanted traded only months ago.

By all, I mean the bandwagoners. Moral of this short story is: Believe in Blue, Believe in Lu, because he is the man and has been clutch in the run the Nucks have been on as of late.

Numero Patrick tROY: Sedins versus the Wings Swedes

We all know who I mean.

Datsyuk, Franzen, Zetterberg and Lidstrom are all in the top 5 in scoring for Detroit and in 128 man games, they have 108 points.

Pretty good considering one of those is a d-man and another is a mule. Another telegraph…Oh, I see; The Mule is just a nickname for Franzen. Now of course those four have to deal with some Sedinery and those twins are hot as of late.

Nevermind the last 20 games or the entire season, they put up 6 points combined against the NHL’s second best team Monday night.

If they can stay hot, the Canucks shall be on top.

Numero Meow (Is that immature? Let me know in the comments below.): Jannik Hansen

Has this guy not been the biggest surprise of the season?

Can’t say I was the biggest Janny Hanny fanny when he was scoring with the twins, and I mean the Sedins, but since being removed from the top line, he has continued at a torrid pace.

Jannik Hansen

Has this guy not been the biggest surprise of the season? Jannik Hansen having a career year!

The Herlev, Denmark native has only played 5 more games than Ryan Kesler and still has 3 goals on him. Not to mention he has more than Henrik and is 3rd in goals on the team.

If both teams’ Swedes cancel each other out Wednesday night, then the 2nd lines could do the trick for either side.

Jannik could be a big part of that with David Booth still sidelined.

Numero Titanic (Get it? Too Soon?): Michael Buble, JUST KIDDING, it’s Coaching

No doubt this will be an epic matchup of wit from behind the bench. You have the league’s best bench boss in Babcock and a reigning Jack Adams finalist in Viggy.

As mentioned, the Swedes on both sides could cancel each other out given they all have decent nights.

Plus with the way Jimmy Howard has played this season matched up with Luongo’s semi-unpredictability, they could also just be common denominators. This could come down to, as mentioned, how the Coaches manage their depth lines.

Guys like Holmstrom for the Wings and Cody Hodgson for the Canucks could be difference makers, but ONLY if their respective coaches are smart enough to give them the ice time.

News and Notes:

  • 1) Turns out Keith Ballard is day to day (back spasms) according to @VanCanucks on twitter.
  • 2) The NHL Roster Freeze began Tuesday so we can expect a little more Mark Mancari this holiday season.
  • 3) Aaron Rome is out 3-4 weeks (broken thumb). YES!
  • 4) May Ray and his wife are preggers. Congrats!
  • 5) Andrew Ebbett is close to returning from his broken foot. See Coach Vee’s presser HERE!
  • 6) David Booth is sadly, still out with injury (knee). Expect him back in January sometime.

Puck drops at 7 Post Meridiem Pacific Standard Time on The Sports Network.

Oh here’s a fun gallery of Michael Buble and his time at practice Tuesday, not to mention him signing a legit one day contract. Lucky bassoon. Thanks to Canucks Dot Com for that dandy.

Oh and here is my actual story (in the unbelievable case that you missed it) on Buble’s time at practice.


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