Canucks vs Detroit Red Wings…yeesh that was ugly

Love ‘Em & Hate ‘Em

Well that was ugly wasn’t it Canucks fans?

The reality of the NHL schedule, even at 48 games, is that there are times when the wheels will fall completely off.

You’re never as good as your best game quite like you’re never as bad as your worst.

So the Canucks, and their fans, would be well served to throw this game away completely and forget about it and focus on the Phoenix Coyotes on Tuesday while getting ready for a March that will teach you the meaning of a compressed schedule.

So it goes.

Love ‘Em

1. Oh Danny boy

The Sedins had one of their strongest games of the year before everything went south, a continuation of their improved play the entire road trip. They have the third twin Alex Burrows to thank for continuing to do all the little things on that line that go unnoticed until the Sedins are playing with someone else and they stop getting done.

I bet Burrows even goes so far to do the Sedins laundry while they’re at practice and make them enough spaghetti packed in tupperware to last the week. What a guy.

2. If you look at it this way…

Through a month and a half of the season, Roberto Luongo has yet to be pulled in a game. You gotta work with me here a bit, ok?

3. U-S-EH

Towards the end of the game, Joe Louis Arena burst out into a U-S-A chant like the Detroit Red Wings were Rocky or something. Not sure how patriotic you can be about an American team with very few Americans and a Canadian team with very few Canadians.

Actually, this game was really a tie for Sweden.

Canucks vs. Red Wings

Not sure how patriotic you can be about an American team with very few Americans

Hate ’em

1. Tootoo!

After his reckless run at Chris Tanev, Zack Kassian decided to beat up Jordin Tootoo. Problem was that Tootoo wasn’t interested and turtled like he was Maxim Lapierre a few years ago. Kassian ended up taking a roughing penalty and negating the powerplay the Canucks were about to enjoy.


2. Black and white and frustrating all over

Refs sucked, dude.

3. Seriously everybody calm down

Canucks fans didn’t take this game well, lamenting the defensive zone coverage, Luongo’s play and the general futility of even trying for the rest of the year.

The Canucks let in eight goals in a game, shut the season down.

Well, the defensive zone coverage was a huge problem earlier int he week against Chicago, and it’s something that needs be addressed. Alain Vigneault was once criticized for being too defensive and now it looks like he’s overcompensated.

As for Luongo, this one game isn’t affecting his trade. No team had completely forgotten about his historical tendencies before watching the highlights last night and having it all flood back.

This is what goalies do, they have off nights.

Teams too.


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