Game 63 Canucks vs. Stars: Oh The Sites We Can See (Part Four)

Lone Stars…At the Top

canucks in dallas

In this episode of Dallas: Desperate Times

There are almost too many sites to see in beautiful Dallas, Texas. I’m sure it’s a wonderful city where tourists such as the Canucks would have a field day exploring.

The Canucks though need to have a rest. In fact, I sincerely hope Alain Vigneault gave the team a day off after back to back games versus two very good teams.

Hold the phone though; the Canucks can rest but also see the sites.

They’re 3-1 so far on this road trip and now sit 1stin the NHL. Hypothetically if they won every game from here on out, you could say they control their own destiny. That rolls of the tongue nicely doesn’t it?

First in the NHL!

Yup; really good.

A Little R&R

So now that they are the kings, if you will, of the league, why not spoil themselves at the King Spa & Sauna, a brisk 17 minute drive from American Airlines Center.

King is the largest Korean inspired spa in the U.S. of A. and they claim to use only natural ingredients. Considering the Canucks have been diving a lot less lately and coming by wins via natural talent, that’s a good sign.

Now I know the team has their own guys for massages and the like but maybe THEY would like to get in on the action. Just saying.

Getting Floaty

If this next place was called Lots of Gravity, I’d say that’s bad symbolism because we don’t the Canucks to start free falling in the standings.

Alas, it is called Zero Gravity, a thrilling amusement park only 5 minutes from King Spa & Sauna. Zero Gravity would mean the Canucks shall continue to rise higher than Bob Marley on a good day.

alex burrows dallas vancouver canucks

Can Captain Clutch Strike Again?

Cha-Ching, Zero Gravity even has a Team Building pricing category so the Nucks can get a sweet dealio on admission. Who says millionaires can’t have discounts?

It’s too bad Keith Ballardisn’t with the team on the trip. Perhaps a crazy-ass ride at ZG would have the same effect on his concussion as the twirly thing Sidney Crosby took a ride in.

Blowing Bubbles

On Sunday, the Nucks will see the Stars so why not see some sea-stars at the Dallas World Aquarium?

With the trade deadline coming up, why not trade Mason Raymondfor an equally fast Jaguar that you would see at said aquarium?

The jaguar has more teeth, is probably even faster than Raymond and can hit all the ‘spots’ of the net; not just the ones wide of it.


The league has figured out the Sedins somewhat over the years but whatever happened to the milk man, the paper boy and the….

Yeah, this time the team is headed to McKinney Avenue for a ride on the trolley. I know this is Dallas and not San Francisco but just picture the guys hanging off a trolley like in the Full House Theme.

Vigneault and Gillis would be unseen and in the middle while the guys Mike Gillis is about to trade for Steve Ott stand on the edge in a vulnerable position for MG to push off.

That Puck Guy

lobster canucks

This Lobster Says: Go Canucks

Remember when the Canucks went to (or I suggested they go to) Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant in Detroit?

Remember when they won in Detroit ending that stupid crazy home winning streak?

Well Mr. Puck also has a restaurant in Dallas called Five-Sixty.  Guess what lake it’s right nearby. White Rock Lake. There’s that taste of home I also spoke of after the Canucks won a few games on this road trip.

Now at Five-Sixty, the team probably won’t be lucky enough to have Wolfgang serve them himself, but they can expect to dine on a wide array of tasty seafood.

Seafood is a great source of vitamin B12, which plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.

With the Canucks coming off that back to back set versus Detroit and New Jersey, their brains could use that kick start very much.

BEST BET TO WIN: Vancouver

The Stars are desperate but if the Canucks can win two nights in a row against two very good teams, I have complete faith they can do it against a bubble playoff team with a night off in between. Take it to the bank.

Puck Drop is at 12 NOON (as opposed to midnight) on Sportsnet Pacific and TEAM1040 Radio.

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  •  wait, I should have picked up on this before part four, but shouldn’t it be sights and not sites? Or am I wrong? I don’t even know….Anyway go Canucks, very convenient to get to watch Steve Ott

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