Canucks vs Dallas Stars equal D-light

Love ‘Em & Hate ‘Em

After three straight 4-3 losses, the Canucks finally came out on top of a 4-3 game.

Like the previous three, it was sloppy and won’t make any list of the best games of the year.

Thankfully, the Canucks pocketed the two points and can head to Nashville on a bit of a streak.

Henrik Sedin and Jason Garrison‘s third period goals were enough to put the Canucks on top of a topsy-turvy game that again makes you wonder what a playoff series between the two would look like.

Love ‘Em

1. A crippling rocket

Had to love Jason Garrison‘s goal where he took a quick shot that devastated Antoine Roussel and allowed him to tee up a blast from the point like he was at the driving range.

That’s the Garrison that scored all those powerplay goals last year, and that’s the shot that could get him back on the powerplay.

Chris Higgins

The Canucks finally came out on top of a 4-3 game

2. Keepaway

Also had to love the Canucks’ powerplay at the end that turned into a passing drill. With the game on the line, the Canucks were content to run out the clock and Henrik Sedin was in his element, cycling in perpetuity.

3. Kriss Kross

Finally, you had to love Henrik’s gamewinner in which he and Alex Burrows traded the puck like it was a second round pick at the deadline.

Burrows has been looking real good since taking back his spot with the Sedins, and he was dangerous all night. While many have been able to play with the Sedins, Burrows is the only one who’s truly mastered it.

Hate ‘Em

1. Kesler looks rusty

It was plainly obvious on the Stars’ third goal that Ryan Kesler is not yet back to Selke calibre. There’s been some struggles to regain his defensive game and his legs even if Kesler has four points since returning.

2. If you’re going to fight, take off your helmet

Seems simple, yet someone forget to tell Antoine Roussel. Not entirely sure what Zack Kassian is supposed to do in a situation like that. Who wants to break their hand on a helmet?

3. Look here Aaron Rome

Stop shooting pucks at the Canucks bench.

Are you trying to injure Keith Ballard and engineer a trade? Are you looking at Alain Vigneault when you shoot the puck?

Just quit it, it’s immature and next time it happens we aren’t returning the puck.


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