ICYMI Canucks lose to the Columbus Blue Jackets #fireav

AV…duck, the pitchforks are out!

The purpose of hockey is to win and the Canucks haven’t been taking two points away from games lately.

An overtime loss to Columbus combined with their recent string of efforts is enough to make this quite level-headed Canucks fan thoughtfully finger the panic button.

Perhaps the window is closing, perhaps they’re merely the latest reincarnation of the San Jose Sharks. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

But they really need to turn it around.

Here’s hoping.

Love ‘Em

1. Henrik has scored in back-to-back games

Anytime this happens, it deserves a mention.

Seriously, he should shoot more and the goals will surely follow.

2. On goaltending

Cory Schneider had a rare game where he let in two or fewer goals.

He didn’t win, but he got a point, and hey that’s baby steps. Tedious, tedious baby steps.

3. Kassian and Booth

One of these power forwards is due to break out soon. Both are playing well and generating chances but the puck isn’t going in.

That’ll change, and when it does the team will follow.

Henrik has scored in back-to-back games

Henrik has scored in back-to-back games

Hate ‘Em

1. #fireAV

So it’s slowly been building to this. The Canucks are once again atop the Northwest and the third seed in the West but the pitchforks are out because regular season success doesn’t matter until it stops.

Does Alain Vigneault deserve to go?

Possibly, but he’s no more complacent right now than a couple of other critical parts on the team.

This season is building towards something, and perhaps it’s a shakeup so that the 2011 team isn’t revered towards a long slow slide to mediocrity.

Is that Alain Vigneault specifically? No. Would it get the job done? You tell me.

2. Matt Calvert

Some time ago I started a Columbus Blue Jackets dynasty on NHL 13 and Calvert was absolutely horrible.

Tonight he scored the OT winner and I was reminded just how unrealistic video games are.

3. Ummmmberger!

With his noted rival Ryan Kesler watching from the press box, R.J. Umberger opened the scoring against the team that drafted him and later jettisoned him when Brian Burke’s pride conflicted with his contract demands.

It stings like any other centre the Canucks could have right now stings.

They really, really need a centre.


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