Game 52: Canucks vs. Avalanche ready to rumble in Denver

Boy Do I Have A Headache

Seriously, I have a pounding headache and it’s partially due to just having a long day.

Canucks vs. Avs

Drink of Choice For a NOON game! The Red Eye! At its core beer/ tomato juice.

However, it is also because of the fact that the Canucks have been playing like absolute crap lately.

Although you do have to give credit where credit is due and said credit must go to Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider who have both stood on their heads, almost literally (Schneidz on B-Mo) to keep their team in games.

If it weren’t for the best goaltending duo in the NHL, the Vancouver Canucks would have 0 points instead of 3 in the last two games and the goal differential would be -10 instead of Even.

It all started after the Canucks left Boston.

Yes, they actually ended up with a stellar record since that game, but it was all while playing hockey worthy of a crowd in Columbus.

It’s been embarrassing and that all came to a head against Detroit on Thursday.

Once again, they were outshot by a very wide margin and once again, out shooters failed to produce in the shootout.

Don’t get me wrong, Roberto Luongo deserves a ton of credit for getting us there but it’s just ridiculous how all skill goes out the window when we get the so-called “skills competition.”

There are three things the Canucks need to do to not just win in Colorado Saturday, but to have a successful road trip and month of February while not looking horrible doing it.

The first is they need to play up to their level.

We see the customary dressing room shots before each game. Kevin Bieksa is tapping each guy with his stick, Luongo is hunched over talking to himself; and the game-faces are officially on. But when they step on the ice, it’s like they’re playing a game of shinny out there.

They just let all their cares in the world go bye bye.

It’s pathetic; it’s frustrating and it’s a disgrace.

I like to go by one particular saying in life which is, “Say what you mean; mean what you say and do what you said you would do.”    

Roberto Luongo & Cory Schneider

The next step is to rally around their goaltenders....SERIOUSLY!

Well the Canucks need to buck up and do what they always say they’re going to do; play better.

The next step is to rally around their goaltenders.

To be frank, they owe them; and they owe them big-time. Of course Lu and Cory can’t let up, but the players in front of them need to earn the trust of their goalies back. Roberto and his sidekick Robin,

I mean Schnu) have been hung out to dry in recent games and the fact remains that the Canucks have not only two of the best forwards in the game but tons of depth at forward and one of the best defensive corps in the entire NHL.

They need to play like they give a crap because sooner or later, those two men behind the masks are going to start to get kind of P.O.’d.

Would I blame them?

Not at all.

Hell, the veterans on this team also owe a guy like Cody Hodgson.

Hodgson has been one of the most consistent players all season long, not to mention in January, being named Rookie of the Month.

He’s showing up Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin and Ryan Kesler night in and night out; that’s not right.

Finally, they need to treat the road trip as a reality check.

The fans get it; this is a player’s career; their job; their occupation. But the players have to remember who’s cheering for them; that being hundreds of thousands of fans back home.

In the whole grand scheme of things, it’s the fans that should provide the most motivation for any team.

The players claim that we are the best fans in the league on numerous occasions but why don’t they play like we’re watching?

They’re heading into the home stretch of the regular season; in a good position but playing like crap.

Maybe an evening watching Forever Faithful would jog their memories that this city is yet to see a Stanley Cup in 40 years of the Canucks franchise.

I think that should be enough motivation to win every game here on out.

Puck drop is at TWELVE PM on Sportsnet Pacific.

Now please, someone bring me some Tylenol!

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  • I had no idea this game started at noon until i started getting gamecentre updates on my phone. Thankfully watching this game from the third period on was probably for the best 

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