Canucks vs Calgary Flames: Burn it with fire!

Burn After Watching

With the horrible weather in Calgary holding the Canucks in Vancouver Sunday morning, you began to wonder what to expect when the puck dropped at the Saddledome.

The travel wasn’t long, but hockey players have routines and disruptions to that routine during a home and away back-to-back can cause the type of flux that leads to what we saw last night.

While Calgary celebrated the closest thing to a playoff win in years, Vancouver can only throw the game away and move on.

Love ‘Em

1. Twin Power

Fresh off the birth of his twin offspring, Jannik Hansen had the game of his life at at time when the rest of his team was napping on the bench.

The Canucks couldn't get anything going on the road against the Flames.

The Canucks couldn’t get anything going on the road against the Flames.

Honey Badger was on a warpath. How good was he? He got Cam Barker a point with his tenacious goal.

2. Higggggins

Every so often Chris Higgins reminds you of the player he can be, and his breakaway goal to open the scoring was the high water mark of the game for the Canucks.

He still has a habit of disappearing for stretches, but when he does reappear….

3. Pity Calgary

Poor guys are so excited over finally beating the Canucks first the time in a year and a half.

The Canucks win, the Oilers have prospects, the Flames? Can’t even imagine what gets through a year.

Hate ‘Em

1. Major minor incident

According to AV, saying “that’s an elbow” is enough to pick up a bench minor that determines the game.

I don’t even know what to say, and I won’t say anything for fear of getting a penalty.

2. Whoops Lou

Mike Cammalleri’s point shot somehow found its way past Luongo’s glove in classic Luongo fashion.

This will, of course, drop his trade value to that of a fourth rounder or Mike Brown.

3. Bounces

Hockey is a game of inches and bounces which is why the puck deflected off Jason Garrison and in for the game-winner but deflected off Jay Bouwmeester’s stick and out for Daniel Sedin‘s potential game-tier.

It’s frustrating, but as Kurtis Blow will tell you, these are the breaks.


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