Five Future Targets for Lucic’s twittering girlfriend

Genius? Nope!

Hot off the internetz two days ago was a story about serial social network nitwit (and Boston Bruin WAG) Brittany Carnegie, who infamously targeted Ginger Jesus himself Cory Schneider and his girlfriend with a series of derogatory Twitter and Canucks bashing posts.

Apparently, the initial target was Schneider’s special someone for allegedly fingering Carnegie and insulting her Bruins cap at a Canucks game.

Bizarrely, she called Snyder (her spelling, not mine) in her words a ‘loser back up’, and mocked his manhood for not controlling his classless, rude, trucker imitating broad.

These terms are all terribly insulting, not least of all for me, as I fondly remember travelling often in the back of my Mom’s Toyota Tercel wagon while indicating to the 18 wheeler drivers to yank on their air horns, which they kindly and obligingly did on almost every occasion.

How could she say such demeaning insults and blacken the name of such lovely people. #RealTruckersUnite!

I daresay if the Teamsters union gets wind of this, then a bevy of burly union workers may feel like paying Ms. Carnegie a future less than charitable visit to her Vancouver home or Boston love nest.

A now vicious rumour has it that the East Vancouver Bruins’ mistress has more peripheral Canucks figures lined up in her Twitter crosshairs.



Here are the five future targets for the eloquent but spelling challenged Ms. Carnegie:

1. Sami Salo’s adorable son Oliver Salo

Twitter post: “Oh My God you guys! Did you see the little kid in the pre-game warm-up against the Ducks whoo couldn’t keep up”?! #lazyFinnbrat”

2. Canucks broadcaster John Garrett

Twitter post: “F U Garrot! U R such a homer. Boston annauncer Jack Edwards wood never stoop so low”! #oldgoalie @Shorthouse #stillcantgrowplayoffbeard

3. Canucks anthem singer Mark Donnelly

Twitter Post: “Kan’t beelieve this singing guy doesn’t use conditioner in that hair”! #notcool #Ihaveaweave

4. Canucks trainer Mike Burnstein

Twitter post: “Wuz at Canucks game last nite. Their wuz an injury on the ice and the trainer was so bad he couldn’t skate”!! #heworeuglyrunners #sluttyhighheelsrule!

5. Canucks Owner Francesco Aquilini’s estranged wife Tali’ah

Twitter post: “The Canucks owner wife is getting divorced! She will be a millionaire! So whut! When Luc and I are dun I will be a thousandaire”!! #wootwootWalMartshoppingspree

Hit me back #Canucks fans. I want to hear from you.

Comments welcome below as always. Something to say Britney? You know where to find me.

Oh last thing. If you missed the Tweets from Britney…here they are.

Brittany Carnegie

Brittany Carnegie's love fest with Corey Snyder's girlfriend


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