DreamWeaver! Vancouver Canucks Sedin brothers looking for linemate

Twins need a triplet!

The recent All-Star Game in Ottawa didn’t split up the Vancouver Canucks Sedins this time, offering a very glimpse into seeing how the twins are capable of operating with a comparable franchise player on their wing.

Between Scott Hartnell and Daniel Alfredsson, the Sedins scored a couple of highlight reel goals on the best dream team they’ve been on since the Swedish Olympic Team, only this time they weren’t inexplicably playing with Mattias Weinhandl.

Henrik & Daniel Sedin & Anson Carter

Good Times! Cherish the skill of the third twin! No Really...

Cherish the skill of the third twin, because we may never see it in Vancouver.

Between Trent Klatt, Anson Carter, Jason King, Taylor Pyatt and of course Alex Burrows, the Sedins’ linemates have had more hustle than pure skill.

It makes you wonder what the twins could do with talent on that wing…

Queue The Flashback! Here

1. Daniel Alfredsson

We’ll start with Alfie not only because of the All-Star Game but also because it was the number one line everyone wanted to see in the Olympics and never got.

Alfie plays the game in the cerebral fashion the twins do and the chemistry would be undeniable.

The nickname even writes itself: The Tre Konors.

There’s a chance the Canucks could poach Alfredsson from the Sens next year if a) the Sens are out of the playoff race and b) Alfie wants to be rental, but you’d probably have a better chance putting together a piece of IKEA furniture than seeing that trade happen.

Still, we did get Mats Sundin…

2. Steven Stamkos

Is it cheating to pick a player that would improve every line in the league? Maybe, but imagine Stamkos one-timing some sweet sweet Henrik Sedin passes or adding Stamkos to an already potent powerplay.

He’s not Swedish but he kinda looks Swedish and that last name is Scandinavian enough to work.

Only concern: is Stamkos too fast to play with the Sedins?


Let’s face it, the second best passer on the Canucks after Henrik is the stanchion. Dude clearly has the same telepathic link with Kevin Bieksa that the twins share so why not convert him to forward and see if he can make some tic-tac-toe plays with the Sedins?

The Stanchion

The Stanchion clearly has the same telepathic link with Bieksa that the twins share. (Photo Credit CBC)

But again a concern: would his past involvement with Zdeno Chara cause a rift in the locker room?

4. Pavel Datsyuk

If this line ever came to fruition, and it totally never will, it would be unfair to any team that enjoys possessing the puck and not looking stupid nightly on Sportscentre.

Datsyuk is widely considered a top-10 player in the league, but even then he’s underrated.

Nobody can play the game the way he can and his puck possession dekes would complement the Sedins offensively while his perennial Selke defence would help the Sedins when they’re slumping and stuck in their own zone (like say the last three weeks).

I can see it now, Datysuk picks a forward’s pocket in the defensive zone and 11 crisp passes later its in the back of net before the backcheckers have left the neutral zone.

There would be no survivors.

5. Johan Franzen

Staying in Detroit and going back to Sweden for this last one. The Mule is basically Alex Burrows on Swedish steroids.

You want net presence?

Talk to The Mule.

You want work ethic?

Talk to the Mule.

You want clutch playoff goals?

Talk to the Mule baby.

He also does cool stuff like this which makes him absolutely a good fit on this team.

Did I mention already he’s a beast in the playoffs?


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