Rogers Arena atmosphere during Canucks games is pathetic!

It’s Just Not Acceptable!

If you’re expecting to read a rant aimed at just the staff and, “rules,” at Rogers Arena or solely at the, “fans,” that fill the majority of the seats each home game, you’re about to be disappointed.

Don’t be mistaken, the atmosphere people watching on TV notice all too often is everybody’s fault (except those watching on TV).

We (Vancouver Canucks fans) are so often referred to as the best fans in the league but a swift double take instantly reminds us who exactly is saying that: US! Literally 100% of the people who say that are Canucks fans.

I’m just going to go ahead and say that we’re a little biased perhaps?


Okay. I repeat: it is everyone’s fault so let’s discuss the top methods that could just possibly up the air of dignity in Rogers Arena on game night.

Being allowed to cheer aloud

It’s been just over a month since a couple Vancouver Southsiders fans were kicked out of a Canucks game for allegedly causing some, “sightline issues for other fans,” and for standing.

See Feb. 14 article from 24 Hours Sport Reporter Hosea Cheung (@hosea24hours)

If you’re not familiar with the Southsiders, they are a group of fans that support the MLSVancouver Whitecaps and typically engage in rambunctious and raucous but fan friendly chants during ‘Caps games at BC Place, and no one bats an eye.

It’s a staple of those games.

Canucks Fans

Hey Suits! Why do you even go to our Canucks games?

Yet you can literally go across the street to Rogers Arena where the Canucks are playing and the best clamour fans can come up with is, “Backstrooom.” More on that later but remaining with the staff and rules at Rogers Arena, they need to make revisions.  The Southsiders were there in a large group with only two getting kicked out but for what was seemingly a non-issue.

Note: It’s hard to find any solid rules and regulations on the Rogers Arena website but clearly excessively strict guidelines have been taught.

Staff never really gave a good explanation and so now fans are literally afraid of being given the boot and having their $100+ wasted because they aren’t allowed to get off their seats. Seriously, we can’t stand? Ugh.

Come on folks, let’s, “make some noise for the boys,” right? While we sit upright with perfect posture, butt at the back of our seat all night right? Heck, let’s bring a blanket to the game and we can snuggle underneath and play footsy while the, “boys,” hit the black disc thing around.

The Suits

Dear you people (what do you mean you people?),

Why do you even go to the games? You don’t cheer, you take up the best seats, and you’re on the phone more than Taylor Swift in her music video for ‘Never ever…,”whatever, who gives a Clutterbuck?

Call me Taylor! 😉

You don’t appreciate the game because you’re not watching it. You’re never on the edge of your seat and you leave early. Who in their right mind besides press, team management, some arena staff and injured players, wears a suit to a hockey game or any sporting event for that matter? Have some fun and wear a jersey. It’s not unprofessional to do so. This isn’t the opera for Luongod’s sake.

Pro-tip: don’t buy the tickets. If you do, give them away. If you don’t, well at least people who actually give a flying five dollar frankfurter can buy them.

There are of course exceptions to every rule and I’m not one to paint everyone in a group with the same brush but really, buzz-kills are not welcome. Add that to your make believe rules and regulations Rogers Arena.

Bad chants at bad times

On Monday night, the Canucks were up 1-0 against Minnesota, a game which they would end up losing. Watching on the television, you could hear a pathetic and faint chant from the crowd to the tune of, “Backstrooom, Backstrooom.”

Are you freakin’ kidding me? Best fans in the league? How about some of the most idiotic and ignorant fans in the league?

Granted it was faint suggesting it was a small group of people but this isn’t the first or last time this event has been or will be experienced. Watching on TV, it really is embarrassing. You don’t serenade the opposing goalie when he’s only let in one goal. Don’t ask why. You just don’t.

It’s also cringe-worthy seeing the wave with five minutes to go and with the Canucks down 4-0. If you really cared that the Canucks were losing meaning if you were actually a fan who cared about results from game to game, you’re not in the mood to do the bloody wave.

Canucks Hockey News

Hey Vancouver Canucks organization! Are you listening? Make your tickets cheaper. That is all.

Pro-tip: Don’t get cocky. That’s how we lost the Stanley Cup in 2011. That’s how we lost to Minnesota in the first round of the 2003 playoffs. Just remember that your team does feed off your energy. That’s not just some myth made up to get fan-girls to watch or go to the games.

HONOURABLE MENTION: Hey Vancouver Canucks organization! Are you listening? Make your tickets cheaper. That is all.

Now it’s important to point out that will all of these issues comes one big flippin’ tragedy. It is actually better in nearly every way, shape and form to watch a game at home or at a bar than it is at Rogers Arena. For the hundreds of dollars one spends on a night out at, ‘The Ga-Rog,’ you’d think the tables would be turned.

There are cheaper eats, a washroom with no line, often unlimited instant replay, commentators, no beer being spilt on you and in the end, a better single person atmosphere, assuming you’re at home. You can stand up, fart, scream shout, switch seats and not have to pay $20 for a beer and burger.

Bars are great as well but it still doesn’t seem right that they provide a better experience than one apparently worth multiple hundreds of dolla-dolla bills yo!

Some of those things won’t and can’t actually change but unless a person in the stands is actually being obnoxious and spilling stuff on people, let them stand and cheer. More people should stand at the game on a regular basis now that I think of it.

For the love of Luongod Canucks fans, if that’s really what you are, if you go to a Canucks game, show that passion you claim to have because those of us who aren’t there, we’re watching and we’re at a loss for words.

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  • AgentJ

    Maybe ticket prices will go down when Seattle gets a team.

    • I have a feeling ticket prices will probably go UP then. They preach so much that this is our team and we are all canucks and yet the average person that makes up the “WE” can’t afford to go to the frickin’ games.

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