Five Reactions to the Vancouver Canucks 2012 Trade Deadline Deals

The H-Bomb has hit Vancouver

The Bad News First

Cody Hodgson.

Calder Trophy Candidate.

The trading of the Canucks best young player has sent tremors through Canucks nation that would cause a tsunami big enough to wipe out Vancouver Island.

coho hodgson canucks trade

So Long Cody, I'll Miss you...Lots

As a writer and as a fan of this team, I completely disagree with this trade. The sub-text of this trade involving Sulzer and Gragnani is irrelevant here.

How one can trade a Calder candidate is beyond me; especially for a guy who has 7 points in 27 games. Kassian has a bigger build and sure, this isn’t his fault. It’s nothing personal against young Zack.

That being said, Cody was having such a bright season with Vancouver, to trade him now shortly before the playoffs in which the Canucks will take another run at the Stanley Cup, is baffling to me.

I shall be following his career with eyes wide open and if you’re asking me, the 2012 NHL Rookie of the year will be Buffalo Sabres’ Cody Hodgson.

The Kassian Trade

As Ray Ferraro put it on TSN’s Tradecentre, the Canucks are getting a, “raging bull.”

While Zack Kassian should help the Canucks out in the physical department, he does have quite the mean streak.

A whack of suspensions have been laid on the young man from Kingsville, Ontario. The 21 year old was handed a 2 game suspension for a hit to the head of a Czech player.

In addition, he was handed a 20 game suspension by the OHL for a 2010 hit to a Barrie Colts player.

To top that off, he was suspended 4 games for an intent to injure match penalty in an OHL game vs. Owen Sound.

Overall though, Kassian will be that toughness the Canucks have been looking for while being disciplined. Kassian only has 20 PIM’s in 27 games this season including the Sabres’ most recent game on February 25th.

The Other Guys

There was a second part to this trade which saw the Canucks send D-man Alex Sulzer to the Sabres while receiving Marc-Andre Gragnani.

Sulzer was a #8 D-man here in Vancouver and saw hardly any game time this season. Gragnani is an upgrade on defense having played 44 games while earning 12 points (1G, 11A).

I would expect the native of Montreal could readily fill in for Aaron Rome or Andrew Alberts in the 5/6 spot on D.

The Gordonator

That is my new nickname for Andrew Gordon, whom the Canucks picked up from Anaheim for Chicago Wolves player Sebastien Erixon.

kassian canucks trade zack

Kassian; What a looker eh! He's no Cody

Gordon has played 37 games with the Ducks this season at Right Wing but likely won’t fit in anywhere in the Canucks starting lineup. Just the fact that he has played in the NHL this season, not to mention in 3 previous seasons with Washington, is a plus.

Gordon is a -10 with the Ducks this season while collecting 5 points, but most guys on Anaheim are having sub-par seasons so don’t read too much into that.

Should the Canucks suffer any injuries on forward heading towards the playoffs, Gordon could be a good call-up to fill in on the 3rd or 4th line.

A Winner

While Sami Pahlsson has never notched more than 26 points in one NHL regular season, he has been on the winning side of a championship on multiple occasions.

Confidence and a “been there-done that,” attitude is key.

Pahlsson won an Olympic Gold Medal in Torino, Italy in 2006 while playing with the Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin.

He also won Silver Medals at the 2004 World Championships and the 1996 World Juniors.

Oh, did I mention he won a Stanley Cup in 2007 with Anaheim? That experience is invaluable on a team where the majority of guys haven’t won hockey’s holy grail; even though they’ve been to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

samuel pahlsson canucks trade

That makes 4 Swedes for the Canucks

Pahlsson made it 6 centers in the bottom 6 for Vancouver before Hodgson was traded (FML) but with Cody gone (FML again), Sami should slot in nicely on the 3rd or 4th line and mentor guys like Jannik Hansen and Mason Raymond.

In the Pahlsson Trade, the Canucks sent two 4th Round picks to Columbus in addition to prospect Taylor Ellington.

The Victoria born defenseman has played 55 games with the ECHL Kalamazoo Wings and 1 game with the AHL Chicago Wolves this season.  He had 22 points (7G, 15A) with the Wings.

Giving up Ellington to the Blue Jackets isn’t that big a deal. The Canucks are deep on D and Ellington wasn’t even the next up on the depth chart for a call up. Kevin Connauton is that guy.

ALL IN ALL…the Canucks are tougher and have more depth at every position (F & D); not counting goaltending.

While the loss of Cody Hodgson will be hard to bear for many a Canuck fan, including myself, hopefully the Canucks will be better off for it in the future.

But I doubt it. Stanley Cup or not this year, we should’ve kept CoHo.

Oh, look who the Canucks play Saturday.


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  •  I can’t believe the timing of Sabres vs. Canucks on Saturday, but I think this trade could still be a win for the Canucks overall. Grit and talent gained on the wing given up for scoring strength up the middle that the team could afford to lose. It’s a tough one to swallow, but I like it.

    • You already know how I feel LOL…but uh yea…I hope Hodgson ruins the Canucks on Saturday. First time I will be rooting for a Canucks loss.

      • Rgibson

        Josh…if you’re cheering for a Canuck loss then you’re not a REAL CANUCK FAN!!!!

  • Oh my god this is hilarious. He’s just a hockey player.

    When the team is winning people get upset because poor Cody Hodgson is only getting 13 minutes of ice time. Now that he’s been traded for the rarest of beings in hockey, the power forward, people are cursing Mike Gillis and hoping this trade makes him and the team look stupid.
    When did it become about Cody Hodgson over the Canucks? Who are we loyal to here?

    • You’re taking this the wrong way Richard. All we are saying is that he is a stud of a player and could’ve been a monumental part of this team’s future. It sucks he’s gone because we all expected huge things from him in a Canucks uniform.

      • but Kassian doesn’t excite you?

        • Yea he does. My first tweet when I heard it was Kassian was something like “WOOOW-KASSIAN…Good job Gillis.” 
          they they said it was for Hodgson and I was like AW HELL NO

      •  I guess it’s just that it’s weird to see people turn on Gillis for making this move considering his track record. Haven’t people learnt to trust him by now and assume he’s making a very careful rational move? This isn’t an older vet like Pederson or a near-bust like Stojanov, this is the type of prospect that comes around once every few years.
        Let’s get excited, it’s a very nice return.

        • I haven’t turned on him. Just sayin it’s a horrible move. Up until now he’s basically done no wrong but this just screams worst move ever.

          • Ok, this is what I’m trying to understand. I know exactly how you feel about losing Cody but Kassian isn’t a scrub, what makes this the worst move ever aside from the emotional attachment to Hodgson?

          • I know Kassian isn’t a scrub. In fact, I know quite a bit about him. 

            This is a step back for the Canucks. This is equal to 1-2 years of a stepback given that Kassian has NOT proven himself at the NHL level…yet; just like it took Hodgson some time. 

            Why trade a proven guy for a guy who has tons of potential…LIKE HODGSON did and still does.  

            At least Cody has pproven himself to a great extent already. 

            High risk; high reward I guess.

          •  Do you believe the rumours Cody asked for a trade?

          • No I will not believe he asked for a trade unless he comes out and says expressly “I asked for a trade.”

          •  Do you believe the son of a politician might twist his words to the media?

          • LOL…I’ve told you how I feel. I know about Cody’s family background and also the cereal he eats. 

          • I’m just amazed by your blinders is all. Don’t be naive, he wanted out. 

          • These posts are getting really small.

  • Matthew

    Based on MG’s reaction to the question “did Cody ask for a trade?” I assume Cody was done with AV and asked to be moved. I’m sure AV was ushering Cody out the door as well. Although from all accounts Cody seemed to be genuinely shocked by the trade.
    He’s going to be a great player for the sabers in a top 6 role. “The Kassassin” is a guy who is a year younger, a tonne bigger, a tonne meaner as well as highly skilled. He is the kind of player we needed. Must have been tough for Gillis to move Cody though.

  • NWSportsBeat

    Josh is as passionate a Canucks fan as I’ve ever met, I know he doesn’t mean what he’s saying, team first. But its very true. People were very invested in Coho. They wanted to watch him grow up and have a career in Vancouver much like Linden’s. That’s a tough pill to swallow when a fan fav as big as Coho gets dealt.  

    Let TIME heal all Coho wounds here folks. The biggest thing I can stress is lets give the management some credit for having the balls to pull off a move like this. They don’t make moves to hurt their team. They want to win more than the fans do. Believe this.

    Give it time Vancouver. And lets hope MG and the crew pulled off a NICE blockbuster deal that helps Vancouver for years to come.

  • Brian

     If the Canucks can somehow get Zach’s level of play up enough to play some minutes with the Sedins, then it should be a good deal. I see Zach as being a bit in the Bertuzzi mold. Big guy, with skills most big guys don’t have. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on this one.

    • NWSportsBeat

      I pretty much agree Brian. I don’t think we can judge this pick up this year though. He’s not played long enough with us. He doesn’t need the pressure on him. He’s not a “savior”. Hope he’s hear long term. Like Cody would have been. My .02c

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