Another NHL lockout? We don’t need no stinkin’ lockout!

Why does this feel so familiar?

In case you missed it earlier today, a variety of news outlets informed the masses that Gary Bettman stated that the NHL will lock players out if there isn’t a new CBA in place by September 15th.

What about the NHLPA’s willingness to start the season under the old CBA until a new one can be agreed upon? It sounds like a wonderful idea.

No hockey lost, it’s win-win!

But it appears that Gary Bettman, the real life Mr. Burns and the NHL owners aren’t willing to do that.

So, from today there are 37 days until an agreement has to be reached. I know that doesn’t seem like much, because really it isn’t. Remember seven years ago when people thought there would be multiple 11thhour deals before the season and during the lost portions of the season?

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

What happens if players are locked out?

Well, keep hoping, the way things are headed right now, you might be hoping for an 11th hour deal just into September.

What happens if players are locked out?

Well, it means that players lose a year of their career, some of them for the second time in under a decade. It also means that players who signed one year deals or are on expiring contracts are run the chance of not playing that year out for the team with which they’re signed too.

They’re going to possibly become free agents after a locked out season. That is of course assuming that an entire season is lost, and not just a few months.

Fear not!

Well, fear not yet anyways. Both sides remain optimistic that a deal can be reached before September 15th.

“There’s no law that says you have to lock out,” Fehr said. “If both parties are both really interested in trying to reach an agreement, and if we both really care what the people watching hockey games think, then we ought to be doing everything we can to avoid that eventuality. And that includes not short-circuiting the process.”

But with owners unwilling to play under the old CBA, even for one more season, it seems that it’s new CBA or bust.

We’ll see how it goes from here on out. The NHLPA is expected to make its first counter proposal next week.

And what of the Canucks?

If there is some time missed due to a lockout, then there a few small positive things to note if you’re a Canucks fan who wants to split hairs, look for a silver lining or if you’re someone who’s just pretending like your fruit loops weren’t crapped in this morning.


Ryan Kesler doesn’t miss as many games, or any depending on the length of the work stoppage. If the season starts in December, than so does Kesler. He’s given the appropriate time to recover and even if he wanted to jump a head of schedule, he couldn’t!

Splitting Hairs

It gives the Canucks a lot more time to evaluate the trade market for Roberto Luongo. The new CBA could make his 10 year contract a lot more attractive. If there’s a roll back of the proposed 24%, his salary is reduced to $5,102,640 from the $6,714,000 it is now.

kesler canucks

If the season starts in December Ryan Kesler would at least be ready to go (Photo – Jeff Vinnick/NHL/Getty Images)

I would assume that his annual average goes down as well. If that’s the case, his new cap hit at a 24% rollback is down to $4,053,333 from $5,333,333.

Silver Lining

Those dreaded slow starts are a thing of the past! If the season starts in December, not only is Ryan Kesler healthy and ready to go, but those annoying October and Novembers go right out the window! Of course, I’m being sarcastic.

Wouldn’t it be much worse if those slow and painful October and Novembers turned into slow and painful December and January?

Aw, hey! My Fruit Loops?!

At the end of the day no one wants anyone to take a dump in their fruit loops. I certainly don’t. You know what else I don’t want?

A lockout.

I don’t care if Kesler isn’t ready until December, or that the team has notoriously bad October and Novembers’.

I’m not worried about the value of Luongo’s contract going down. He’s a great goalie and THAT should be the selling point on a team trying to acquire him.

Above all else, I just want to watch hockey and shoot the shap with people on twitter; not wonder when the season is going to start, if ever. Caman, NHL, NHLPA, let’s put our big boy pants on and get something done here.


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