NWSB Mitch weighs in! 2013 Vancouver Canucks staff predictions

Here we go!

Looking for a website with different opinions on how the Vancouver Canucks are going to do in 2013? We’ve got your back.

NWSB Senior Editor “Q” polled asked us Canucks bloggers to get some predictions to him this week, he sent us a nice little questionnaire.

Below, I’ll provide you with their Canucks projections and picks.

With this being the second season of Canucks coverage for us at, we thought this was only the proper thing to do.

Hope you’re enjoying this nice crisp cold Sunday. We’re one week away from the start of the season, but for some reason it feels like an eternity.

Amidst all the speculation on player movement and which lozenge the coaching staff will back 100% this season, it’s predictions time.

The best thing about predictions is that no one takes them serious, well, that’s not true, I should say that no one takes my predictions serious. That’s a more accurate statement.

Like a shotgun blast to the face, here are my predictions for the Vancouver Canucks in 2013.

Canucks MVP in 2013:

I’m not quite sure on this one. It would be easy to go with the obvious choices. Henrik Sedin or Daniel Sedin, possibly Alex Burrows or even newly minted starting goalie Cory Schneider. But I think I’m going to go the opposite way and say Chris Higgins.

He is without a doubt one of the most underrated players on the Canucks. He does a lot at both ends of the rinks, so I think for MVP I’ll select the man with the abs of steel.

Canucks Goalie with the best GAA:

Who wins a one horse race? Well, the guy with one horse and since it’s inevitable that the Canucks trade Roberto Luongo, I’ll say that Cory Schneider walks away with the best GAA on the team.

Best +/- in 2013:

This one’s an easy one. While there are a number of quality candidates to chose from, I think I’ll stick with the pride of Smithers, BC, Dan Hamhuis. He finished +29 in both 2010-11 and 2011-12.

Leading Goal Scorer:

I think this could depend on who the Canucks get in return for Roberto Luongo once he’s traded, however with the roster the way it is right now I think it’s likely to be Daniel Sedin or Alex Burrows. Both safe bets and both likely to be in the top 3 in goals scored.

Leading in Points:

Again with this I’m not going to far off the beaten bath. It will be one of the twins, inclined to go with Henrik Sedin.

Leading in Assists:

Once again, I know it’s the safe bet, but it’s also the most likely. Henrik Sedin.

Best defenceman:

For me I think this is a no brainer. Dan Hamhuis will be the best on the back-end this year. He may not pile up the points, but I think he’ll be the most rock solid and dependable.


Unlikely, I think. I think the Presidents Trophy heads East this season and finds a home in downtown Manhattan with the New York Rangers.

Overall points for the Canucks in 2013:

I know I said the Canucks wouldn’t win the President’s Trophy again, and while I stand by that I think that they won’t finish to far away from it. I think they finish at the top of the West with a rercord of 24-14-10.

Will the Canucks win the Northwest Division?

Yes, but they might have some competition in a year or two…maybe. It’s theirs to lose.

Henrik Sedin

Dan Hamhuis will be the best on the back-end this year.

Will the Canucks have winning records against:

Chicago: No, I think they will split the season series if they play an even amount of games. If they don’t, I think Chicago gets 2 out of 3.

Calgary: Yes. In fact, I think Vancouver may sweep the season series.

Edmonton: I think they split the season series. Edmonton has a lot of fire power this season and if they catch the Canucks on an off night they could get away with a couple of wins.

Will Ryan Kesler play before the playoffs?

Yes, but I don’t think it will be soon. Probably after the first half of the season. Depending on who you talk to.

Will Roberto Luongo be with the Canucks on Opening Night?

No. I don’t think there’s a chance of that.

Will Alain Vigneault be the Coach come playoffs?

I would imagine so. He may be a milt but I can’t see him getting ‘Burke’d’.

Sedin Twin with more points?

Henrik Sedin, and he’ll lead the team in points.

How many games will Cory Schneider play?

Depending on who backs him up this year I would say that somewhere around 32-36 may be a realistic number.

Who will Mike Gillis trade before the season starts?

Roberto Luongo

Will the Canucks make a splash at the trade deadline?

That all depends on where they sit at that point in the season. We’ll see, but I wouldn’t think so.

Who plays the most games on the wing w/ the Sedins in 2013 Reg. Season?

Alex Burrows

What seed in the Western Conference will the Canucks get for playoffs?

1st overall.

It’ll be on the internet, so hold me to these predictions all you want!


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