Michael D. Gillis’ worst day on the job for the Canucks


NHL Trade Deadline Day 2013 may possibly go down as the worst day in Mike Gillis’ tenure as General Manager of the Vancouver Canucks.

Of course not every single solitary transaction Gillis has ever orchestrated has gone awry and in fact the reasons which make April 3rd, 2013 his worst day so far involve nary a transaction.

Before we delve into the disaster that was deadline day, let’s ‘Tarantino’ things. Trade Deadline Eve was actually a pretty decent day for MG, a constructive and productive one perhaps. You might even say Tuesday was a microchosm of Gillis’ tenure so far, some good and some you make a silly face at.

A trade, a re-assignment and  a re-signing (note the hyphen). I summed it all up HERE.

The more curious scenario that unraveled Wednesday was that of one Roberto Luongo

The more curious scenario that unraveled Wednesday was that of one Roberto Luongo

Derek Roy, announced a Canuck Tuesday, was instantaneously dubbed a beacon of hope expected to rejuvenate the roster and fill that gaping black hole that’s wreaked havoc on the Canucks in recent weeks. It’s chewed up and spit players back out, sucking them from one line to the next, skewing chemistry and production up and down the lineup. Surely though, Mikey wouldn’t believe Roy is the hockey-godsend, the missing link that would have toppled Boston in 2011 or help to overcome the titanic Penguins of 2013…right?

Mike Gillis would have to be admitted to the mental institution though if he ever thought that for even one second and nevermind the team still having to flip their switch in the three short weeks before the playoffs arrive, we’re talkin’ about Derek Roy here, not Marion Gaborik.

So what makes Wednesday Gillis’ worst?

On the eve of the deadline, Michael D. Gillis [snort] was quoted as saying he still hoped to make one or two moves before the noon expiration time the next day. Well talk about letting that notion go sour. If only Gilly had had the conviction Wednesday to pull those moves off.

You mean to tell me Mr. Wonderful couldn’t come up with a 3rd round pick for Raffi Torres, a guy we all know can perform in the playoffs? How about a 7th round pick for Jussi Jokinen?

Seriously Mike, if you’re going to go all in, then GO ALL IN.

You just traded your now former best defensive prospect in Kevin Connauton and you’re just going to roll with that?

Maybe deals just didn’t pan out with fellow GM’s, but when we’re talking deep draft picks going the other way, it’s hard to believe some more effort couldn’t have been given to make it happen.

Mike Gillis

So what makes Wednesday Gillis’ worst?

Sadly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The more curious scenario that unraveled Wednesday was that of one Roberto Luongo, easily the greatest goaltender in Vancouver Canucks franchise history and Bobby Lu proved that in his unexpected post-deadline presser.

Says Luongo: “I’m gonna (sic) gather myself for the rest of the day and make sure that when I come to work tomorrow, I’m gonna (sic) be 100% dedicated to this team the rest of the year no matter what that capacity is.

I would like nothing better than to win a Stanley Cup here this year and whether that is starting or being back-up, that’s the end goal for everybody in this locker room and I’m going to give myself 100% to that.”

That is the type of guy you want on your team, as much of a ‘clutterbuck’ the situation is. Luongo would go on to say that he would actually scrap his contract with the Canucks if it meant his departure could be made easier.

The jury is still out on whether or not that’s even remotely an option (which I’m pretty sure it’s not), but what’s disturbing was Gillis’ response to Lu’s statement in his own presser, held about a half hour later.

“Well I think that he was very emotional and I think these days are emotional for everybody so when you have a day like this where your whole life could be turned upside down and then you speak to you guys [the media] right after, I think there’s an opportunity for things to be said that in the clear light of day might not be reflective of what he [Roberto] really feels.”

Reality check Mike

You’re wrong. Roberto’s depressing and strangely endearing Q&A session was the raw truth. Call it emotion, call it the heat of the moment, it doesn’t matter.

Your ego has grown larger than the term on Roberto’s contract and it’s certainly not something fans in VanCity take too very well. We want consistency, we want honesty and we want something favourable for our team, something you’ve become the opposite of. Humbling times are on the horizon my friend.

To come out and pretend as if Roberto Luongo, the guy YOU offered a 12 year extension to, was just speaking with a hot head, is asinine.

Roberto has had eons to think about this scenario and if he hadn’t already constructed a concise message to convey at this point, I’d be worried, which I am actually, for this organization.

For on top of all the previous things listed that I can assure you Michael, Canucks fans desire, we want a winning team.

That is something, that in 5 years, you have yet to give us and it sure as hell doesn’t look like it’s pulling up to Gate 16, Griffiths Way anytime soon.


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  • Zeus

    The only thing I might challenge in regards to your comments, is Luongo being Vancouver best ever Goaltender, I would Rate two other Goalies as Equal , if not better, are Richard Brodeur or Kirk Maclean, They helped teams that were far inferior in Talent, but not Character, to go to the Big Dance, and Nearly Win it all, especially in the case of Richard Brodeur. who backstopped a great bunch of hardworking Lunch pail kind guys with only a couple of exceptions. were it not for the Dynasty called the NY Islanders, may very well have won it all:)

    • Point well taken. Still doesn’t change the fact MG failed to do what he probably should have if we want a more than legit chance at winning it all this season.

      Thanks for reading and even more for commenting.

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