The Vancouver Canucks fall short on Justin Schultz… C’est la vie!

The Schultzstakes winner is…

As I said earlier this week.

How are you not picking the Canucks?

Wasn’t that the team you always dreamed of raising the cup with?

The hometown hero is one of the best career options in sport, you have to take it.

It was unclear all day who Justin Schultz was going to go with but one of the first teams ruled out were our Vancouver Canucks. “I said pardon?!”

Later on we found out it was the Edmonton Oilers.

It appears the hometown Canucks were done in by two factors.

First, this is not a club that guarantees playing time to rookies. Just ask Cody Hodgson. If Schultz wasn’t good enough in training camp, it wasn’t in the Canucks interests to keep him on.

Remember this club is about team goals not individual goals.

Second, with the CBA set to expire all bonuses count against the cap this year. That means teams like Edmonton and Ottawa could offer the moon and fit him in the cap.

The Canucks couldn’t.

Justin Schultz

My 100% take it to the bank Justin Schultz prediction was 100% wrong. Oh well! Enjoy Edmonton! LOL

It was hoped that these factors would be negated by the possibility of raising the cup as a Vancouver Canuck, but it appears Schultz’s career goals differ. Strange considering the young lad is from BC, is huge Canucks fan, and his parents are Canucks season ticket holders.

(I’m still scratching my head)

What Now Gillis?

The Canucks will now most likely aggressively pursue re-signing Sami Salo now and may look at the other BC boy UFA defenceman Jason Garrison.

Garrisons will be considerably more expensive but also has NHL experience and a cannon shot that would be a boon to the powerplay.

The White Rock native has expressed interest in the Canucks, but in a free agent pool thin on the blueline, his services will be in high demand.

Meanwhile, Chris Tanev will get a shot to see if he can take the leap from top-six defenceman to top-four defenceman. Part of that will invilve providing more offence and going from looking  omfortable to being a difference maker.

While the addition of Justin Schultz was very intriguing, the Canucks will be just fine without him.


As I said earlier this week The Canucks were simply his best shot to win the cup, all other factors aside.

He chose wrong.


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  • uni

    You’re still scratching your head because your thought process is based on faulty information. Instead of fact you’re basing your assumptions on unfounded heresay and rumours.

    Try inputting the following points into your thought process.

    1) Justin Schultz is an Edmonton Oilers fan, and grew up as a fan of the Oilers while his hometown team was the Canucks.

    2) Justin Schultz’s parents are not Vancouver Canucks season ticket holders, never have been.

    3) Doesn’t matter if the Canucks currently have a better chance to win a championship in the short term, he’ll likely start out in the AHL or get limited ice-time due to different team needs on a contender and an already deep defence core (cup could be raised without him)

    4) While you brush off the ice-time concerns, since he’s all but guaranteed a spot on the thin Oilers defence, keep in mind if he plays in the AHL that’s a 70K salary versus a NHL 925K salary; that’s not a trivial amount of money. I may love to work for Google and be a part of a team working on an awesome project, but if they offer me 70K compensation and Yahoo! tosses me a 925K salary to do grunt work I damn sure know what job offer I’m going to take.

    5) Not just the near-gaurantee of NHL ice-time, the amount of ice-time he’s likely to get in Edmonton gives him a vastly improved probability at hitting a substantial number of the bonus clause 2.85 million in extra compensation; this is afterall a job, and that’s a huge difference from potentially only 70K a year beyond the base NHL salary.

    To summarize, he’s going to play for a childhood favourite team, he and his parents aren’t big Vancouver Canucks fans or season ticket holders and never have been, winning a championship in the short term is somewhat muted by the fact he may not be on that team, he is guaranteed $855,000 more than his potential $70,000 AHL compensation since the Oilers depth is massively lower than the Canucks depth, and he has an almost exponentially higher probability to make up to $2,850,000 in bonuses with the Oilers over the Canucks as well.

    Add all that up and Schultz clearly made the right choice, and it’s an easy choice at that.

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