Canucks have mild interest in Martin Erat?

Really? Martin Erat?

You probably cringed as you read that. If you didn’t you’re one of the few who assumes that the Washington Capitals are shipping the disgruntled forward out-of-town and taking back a terrible contract, perhaps David Booths?

In case you missed it, TSN Insider Pierre LeBrun said today that the Canucks (amongst other teams) have shown mild interest in Capitals winger Martin Erat.

“The Vancouver Canucks are among the teams that have shown mild interest so far, one source said Tuesday.”

Mildly angered

I know this shouldn’t bother me, because well, it’s a rumor and not only that, it has no real life implications for me. But, as I read that and let it soak in, and the more I let it soak in, the more it bothered me. Why? Well, because this is just the type of move one could expect from Canucks GM Mike Gillis.

I’m not going to highlight every good or bad move by Gillis, but people who follow the team know what I mean when I say that, or at least I hope they do.

The Reaction

People were up, they were down and they were all over about this. My Twitter timeline was full of everything from loving this to hating this. I sided on the latter side of things.

This rumor sucks, straight up.

If I wanted a vague and random rumor that does little for a teams need I would still frequent

Is this a player that the Canucks want in their locker room?

Is this a player that the Canucks want in their locker room?

Who in their right mind thinks that Marin Erat is a good move? Say what you will about how he had performed prior to being moved to the Capitals, but know this: This is Martin Erat’s second trade request in as many years.

He requested to be moved from the Predators and is now requesting to be moved from the Capitals.

Is this a player that the Canucks want in their locker room?

I wouldn’t think so, but hey, what the hell do I know?

What if?

Well, what if?

What if the Canucks make this move? Is it another move we add to the growing list of trades that Mike Gillis shouldn’t have made?

Well, maybe. I think there’s more to this than we know.

It was pointed out to me by my angry, hate-filled twitter followers that if the Canucks were to trade a contract like David Booths to the Capitals for Martin Erat, that when the Canucks buy Erat out (because, you know, they haven’t acquired him yet, but plan to buy him out) that it will cost less money to do it than it would Booth.

So we’re trading to buy guys out now, huh? Fantastic! When can we start trading to put guys on LTIR? That would be something.

I’m exaggerating, of course, and blowing it up a lot, I know, but really this rumor makes no sense.

It doesn’t fill a need for Vancouver; a team desperate for a center and some goals. In my opinion Erat brings nothing more than a player who is going to be bought out come seasons end.

I’m sure he’ll thrive in the KHL.


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