Henrik & Daniel get equal contracts but Canucks get unequal returns

Does Daniel deserve same deal?

Vancouver Canucks nation rejoiced on Friday with the news that the Sedins have re-upped for four more years after this season.

A lot of that rejoicing is probably due to the fact that Henrik and Daniel have been, by far, the team’s best two forwards so far this season. Henrik has singlehandedly turned Ryan Kesler into a beast on the wing and Daniel is averaging a point a game.

The contracts are perfectly reasonable on the surface. Identical contracts for identical twins. The Sedins have been linked together ever since they were first drafted in 1999 and have played side by side for basically their entire careers.

Identical contracts, identical twins… but definitely not identical players.

Henrik has emerged as the Canucks best player, the team’s captain and the one guy on the team that makes everyone around him better. He’s durable and is also the straw that stirs the drink on the power play.

His production has never wavered and he’s been a point per game player since the lockout.

It’s a different story for Daniel. Ever since Duncan Keith used his elbow as a lethal weapon on Daniel, his career hasn’t been the same. He looks slower, more tentative and a little more timid to battle for the puck.

His production has also dropped off drastically; he was under a point a game in 2011-12 and only scored 12 goals in the lockout shortened year.

Playoffs have been even more trying for Daniel, as he’s failed to score a goal in the postseason since 2010.

The point here is that Henrik’s contract – perfectly fine, Daniel’s contract – might start looking a little ugly and maybe even as soon as this year.

Identical contracts, identical twins… but definitely not identical players.

Identical contracts, identical twins… but definitely not identical players.

Another thing we’ve learned is that Daniel needs Henrik and not vice-versa. With Daniel’s injuries over the years and now John Tortorella’s line juggling, we’ve seen that it really doesn’t matter who plays with Henrik – he will find a way to get points on the board.

Take Daniel away from Henrik and he’s not much more than a slightly above average player at this stage of his career.

The Canucks will be sinking $14 million into the Sedins, a little too much especially when you look at the prices of other dynamic duos in the NHL. Toews/Kane sets the Hawks back $12.6 million, Datsyuk/Zetterberg will be about $13.5 million next year and Stamkos/St.Louis are around $12.6 million.

Crosby and Malkin cost the Pens about $4 million more than the Canucks but that duo, along with the others I listed are younger and/or are proven winners compared to the Sedins.

With his salary next year, Daniel will be the fifth highest paid left winger in the league.

This puts him in the same category as Parise, Ovechkin, Zetterberg and Nash. Yeah, I don’t think Daniel belongs in that group. I’m not too sure Daniel is even a top ten left winger anymore and he certainly won’t be in a few years at the pace he’s going.

Apparently the Canucks are totally fine with paying a 36 year old Daniel $7 million to skate aside his brother till the rest of time but I think this is one deal that could cost the Canucks.

He’s not getting any younger, needs his brother to be effective and has been declining for the last few years.

If his last name wasn’t Sedin, would Daniel be receiving this kind of deal? Probably not.

But if this is what the Canucks had to do to lock up Henrik for the future then I guess it’s a moot point but even more $14 million it’s unsure if the Canucks will, like that old gum commercial, be able to double their fun (and their return) on the Sedins.


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