The $93 Question – Will Canucks fans show up at BC Place?

Heritage Classic pricing fans out

Ninety-three dollars just isn’t what it used to be anymore – at least if you’re a Canucks fan.

The NHL and the club recently announced pricing for the upcoming Heritage Classic game against Ottawa this coming March and it’s probably a good idea to start saving… like yesterday.

The lowest priced ticket is a whopping $93. Yup, you’re reading that right. And no, binoculars are not included.

I’ve been down on the whole idea of Vancouver even hosting an outdoor game but figured that at the very least it might be a nice opportunity for families or those who don’t get out to see many Canucks games in person to experience one.

But that’s just not going to happen. The entire event is nothing more than a cash grab and I wish Canucks fans would send the league and Canucks brass a message by simply not showing up.

Watch the game on TV, go to the bar, go to a friend’s place – let’s make the NHL too embarrassed to shoot any wide shots because they’re frightened of all the empty seats in BC Place. Hell, TSN has enough experience doing that at BC Lions games.

Curious about what $93 can get you in other sports?


This view looks better than the one you will get inside for $93. (Photo:

Well, you could check out seven Vancouver Canadians baseball games (or be like everyone else and go to one and drink 10 beers). Hockey fans could get their hockey fix with three Vancouver Giants games for that same price. If you’re into soccer, you could snag three Vancouver Whitecaps games as well.

Or there’s the BC Lions, where you could check out three games and somewhat be able to see the action on the field in the lower bowl of BC Place.

Now, if you don’t really care about seeing what’s going on during the game all that much (which will be the case with the $93 Heritage Classic tickets) you could check out seven Seattle Mariners games.

And with the Mariners it’s pretty easy to move down and get a better view (not that I’ve ever done that…  a “friend” told me it’s possible).

Lastly, there’s the Seattle Seahawks where you could check out a game for $66 and spend the rest on booze to fuel the pipe dream of getting digits from the Sea Gals.

The point is that there are so many options for our hard earned dollars and it’s disgusting to see the NHL jack up prices for what is nothing more than a meaningless regular season game in a football stadium with poor sightlines.

Let’s spend our money wisely as hockey fans (for once) and turn away from this event in droves.

Force them to slash prices in the weeks heading into the game and maybe families and lower income fans might get a chance to squint and try to figure out if they see Henrik Sedin or Dale Weise.

Canucks fans shouldn’t buy up everything the team sells and this is the perfect opportunity to take those $93 elsewhere.


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