Check out your Vancouver Canucks emergency kit now!


Vancouver Canucks crisis is here..AGAIN! …cue frantic citizens running amok!!!

A couple of weeks ago we were commenting on the Canucks fan opinion that the Zack Kassian/Hodgson trade was no cause for panic to break out on the streets of Vancouver.

However, if there was a fair amount of concern back then, it is nothing compared to the apocalyptic shouts now emerging in the wake of Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin‘s slump, Roberto Luongo’s recent poor form, and the frustrating loss to Montreal.

Emergency Kit

Check out your Vancouver Canucks emergency kit now!

Head cheerleader for the tin foil mob is Tony Gallagher, over at The Province newspaper, and he has a few other major media types following along lemming-like in his path straight to the edge of the most convenient cliff.

Lord knows as well that there are enough mountains ringing the lower mainland to take a plunge from as well.

Over hyped underachievers?!..or are we forgetting some other important points?

Dan Hamhuis as much as admitted Saturday in the After Hours interview that the team is at minimum guilty of overlooking the present schedule and is essentially chomping at the bit to get going in the playoffs.

The team has slumped yes, but playing just .500 hockey for the remaining games would most likely still guarantee the second seed in the Western Conference.

The cast that reached the final is still largely intact. They have the experience of coming so close to winning and know the hurdles to overcome.

The team is also healthy with regards to its core players.


So, what are we to make of all this? It is seemingly not enough for us to rejoice in the fact that we are in the most glorious era of the history of this team.

It seems we have become so spoiled that a time in which we are in the thick of competition for the Cup every year, coming within one game of the big prize a year ago, their present form is still an outrageous slight against the team’s fans and we have the right to demand that heads must roll.

Zack Kassian

The sustained success is apparently not enough for most.

The sustained success is apparently not enough for most. Don’t get me wrong, I want to win as badly as anyone, and have followed this team for the last 32 years.

I also know though that this is the greatest era in our shared history and believe that the best chapter still needs to be written.

Don’t forget to always look at the facts.

Contemplate the following late season slumps experienced by the last five Stanley Cup champions:

  • 10/11 Bruins – Lost 7 of 10 in March
  • 09/10 Hawks – Lost 8 of 11 in March
  • 08/09 Pens – Lost 7 of 11 in Jan/Feb
  • 07/08 Wings – Lost 10 of 11 in Feb
  • 06/07 Ducks – Lost 7 of 10 in Feb

Be prepared! Your Van-cou-ver Ca-nucks  e-mer-gen-cy ki-it!!

With that in mind, I am also aware that here on the beautiful west coast the spectacular scenery also covers up the fact that we sit on massive fault lines and that the earth could very well open up and swallow us whole.

We have our earthquake emergency kits, but for the hard-done-by-fans of today, they may also need to put together items for their own Canucks emergency kit to save them from thoughts of the disastrous squad of today.

  1. Battered VHS copies of the Canucks surprise runs to the final in ’82 & ’94 to watch and remind you of real teams (conveniently disregard the less than stellar Canucks squads of the rest of the ‘80s/ early ‘90s period)
  2. An original edition of ‘Tiger: A Hockey Story’ to read on those lonely playoff evenings while you lament the absence of no true tough guys in the present Vancouver line-up to match the cerebral Tiger Williams of old; (dog ear the pages where Tiger lambastes his childhood where the wimpy kids wore scarves in the cold) – Link
  3. A retro Roger Neilson white towel to cry into as the present team fold to earn just a pathetic second (or even third place seed) for the coming postseason – Link
  4. A Cloutier card to clutch on to and fantasize over while you mutter bitterly over the enigma that is Roberto Luongo (Link)
  5. A hot link on your iPhone/ Android device to Iron Mike Keenan (Link) so you can reminisce over a real coach

Well Canucks fans, if you have given up on this season already, based on the past few weeks, what would you put in your emergency kit?


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  • Great post C-Man, love the stats re: past Stanley Cup Champions. Is that an Alain Vigneault dig you snuck in at the end there? Other than his in-game management, I’ve never understood the beef with AV. 

  • my Canucks emergency kit consists of watching the Burrows OT goal overandoverandover

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