Enigmatic Edler has to be better for the Vancouver Canucks

Where Art Thou?

He is at a near point for every two games pace in his short career, and holds the hardest shot title these past two years from the Canucks skills competition. He can lay out hits among the best in the league.

With his bountiful skills Alexander Edler has the ability to dominate opponents.

So why isn’t he doing it right now?

It is a question that Edler and his teammates urgently need to be answered or the team will pay the ultimate price with their eviction from the playoffs.

Sami Salo does provide some offence from the back line, most notably on the power play. Kevin Bieksa is able to chip in periodically, as is Keith Ballard in his sporadic appearances.

They are the more likely providers among the other defensemen.

However, Chris Tanev, Dan Hamhuis, Aaron Rome and Andrew Alberts are almost exclusively defence first options. Only Edler provides a true two way threat for the Canucks back line.

He plays the most minutes of the unit and with the departure of Christian Ehrhoff at the end of last season he is expected to help run the point on the power play.

For all this talent though, Edler sometimes plays the game, like the old adage goes, as a million dollar player with a 10 cent head.

Alex Edler

With his bountiful skills Alex Edler has the ability to dominate opponents.

His two egregious puck handling errors, one in each game in these playoffs against the LA Kings, have cost the team in goals against at the most crucial of times.

I believe that these types of errors are what are really killing this Vancouver team right now as the team has already struggled to find goals against the excellent LA goaltender Jonathan Quick when needed, so when they give up one on an error, it means that it becomes even more challenging to skate uphill to salvage yet another goal.

We have seen the players visibly drop their heads on the ice following these mistakes.

Someone, perhaps team captain Henrik Sedin, needs to take the Swedish blue liner aside by the scruff of the neck and press him to do better.

Edler may sometimes be held somewhat in check by his introverted nature, but this is not the time to be hiding from his potential in the heat of the playoffs when his team needs him most.

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  • The only thing making this guy look good is that game one goal. Other than that, he’s looked useless. He better play better tonight.

  • Yeah it’s strange how bad he’s been. It’s too late to snap out of the funk now, but hopefully this isn’t a recurring theme.

  • Edler has just been utterly awful. No injury would validate how bad he’s been playing. It’s as if his mind is completely off somewhere else. 

  • JC

    Not only are Edler’s gaffs costing us goals against, but that stupid penalty he took last night destroyed the team’s chances to even up the score. Maybe it was a long shot anyway, but he sure made certain to kill off any lingering hope. AV should bench him until he gets his head back on straight, imo.

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